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Shooting Star Slots

Shooting Star Slots is a very realistic-looking slot machine

Publisher: Piggyback.com 

Easter Slots

Easter Slots is a really fun three payline slot game

Publisher: Piggyback.com 

Flaming 7's Slots

Flaming Sevens Slots is a three-wheel, five payline slot

Publisher: Piggyback.com 

X-mas Slots 1.1

Part of a popular series of holiday slot games that are

Publisher: Ultisoft 

Hypervisual Century - Realistic 3 reels / 3 paylines slot machine

Hypervisual Century is a free slot machine with three reels

Publisher: Rubem Pechansky 

Slot City 2 Plus Video Poker

Experience nonstop casino excitement! Play 300 slot

Publisher: MVP Software 

Casino-Style Video Poker

Casino Style Video Poker is a realistic simulation of the

Publisher: SavantWare 

Double Wild Slots

Double Wild Slots is a very fun and addictive slot machine

Publisher: Piggyback.com 

FW Star

This slot machine represents a German classic and is for

Publisher: M Walter 

Reel Deal Poker Patch v1.2

This patch addresses some errors associated with determining

Publisher: Phantom EFX