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Super Mario Bros. 2

A new skin of Mario Bros 2 compleate skin with new cursors...

Publisher: Nathan Davis 

PamSkin 2

Another Winamp skin based on Pamela Anderson...

Publisher: Lukas Gudinauskas 

Moderal Jukebox

Great MP3 Organizer and MP3 player software for you...

Publisher: MP3TOWAV.ORG 

Soldiers of Anarchy Winamp Skin

This is a skin to change your Winamp look to that of...


Quick DXM

Sound player that uses msdxm.ocx...

Publisher: Agne Brink 

Target Amp

A killer skin for WinAmp 2.x...

Publisher: Xjedi Cyberflame 

The Matrix skin

A WinAmp skin inspired by The Matrix...

Publisher: Dave Holy 

Q3A Winamp Skin by StealthRT

Here is another cool skin for your winamp media player...

Publisher: StealthRT 


Seifer from Final Fantasy...

Publisher: Johnny Black 

Castlevania Impact

A tribute to Castlevania...

Publisher: Israel Vargas