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Bluetooth Files Share Pro

Allows you to quickly transfer files between two devices without using any cables

Publisher: hello roadie 

Awakener - best alarm clock 1.2.0

Useful and functional alarm clock, that helps you awakening with pleasure & easy

Publisher: Magna Scientia 


Read some of these popular prayers through an interface designed to mimic the experience of a real book

Publisher: FanzeTech 

Arabic Soft Keyboard

Overhaul your default digital keyboard to write in Arabic script

Publisher: Abdullah Bahitham 

Mobisynapse system tool

This free connection software helps you manage your mobile device from a connected desktop computer

Publisher: Innovation Technology Inc. 

Log AntiLog Calculator

Calculating logarithms using only your mobile device has never been easier

Publisher: fortunetechlab 

Super-led flashlight torch

Flashlight app that turns your phone into a virtual torch by using its screen and LED lights

Publisher: Gokul bairagi 

Kung Fu Sounds

Unleash the power of your kung fu skills with these authentic Kung Fu companion sounds

Publisher: Barbecue Army 

3D Tatoo Photo Editor

App that makes it easy to create your very own tattoo designs on your phone

Publisher: Android Hunt 

Black Tube Mart

Turn online videos into downloadable files in a variety of different formats

Publisher: lucase