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Purify optimizes battery usage for Android devices and extends battery life by closing background apps

Publisher: General Smart Development Limited 

Google Play Services 22.35.13 (000300-471302998)

Updates Google apps and synchronizes your contacts

Publisher: Google LLC 

Router Setup Page 1.8.6

Find your router setup page and optimize it

Publisher: NevrGivApp 

Distance and area measurement 1.33

Use your phone's built-in GPS to measure the area of a region

Publisher: Second Tech 

Turbo VPN 3.8.6

Get the best out of online security with a VPN that's very fast and secure

Publisher: Innovative Connecting 

Google PLAY 32.3.14-21 [0] [PR] 473309517

Google store for downloading apps for Android devices

Publisher: Google LLC 

Quick Video Recorder

Easy record video by one click

Publisher: Kimcy929 

Google Translate

Google's cloud based translation service lets you translate websites and snippets of text between various languages

Publisher: Google LLC 

Helakuru 6.0.48

Sri Lanka's No.1 Super App with Sinhala Keyboard trusted by 5 Million People

Publisher: Bhasha 

IMEI Changer 1.7

A program that allows users to temporarily change their IMEI

Publisher: Vivek.V