1. Productivity

  2. Schedules and Calendars

WeCal 4.3.0

It's all you need for time management Event, Note, ToDo, Birthday, Horoscope

Publisher: Ecloud Inc. 

Todait 0.30.37

Prepare for exams, be productive, and manage your time with Todait

Publisher: Todait Inc. 

Calendar Monthly 10.0

monthly calendar app free. organize your events

Publisher: Adcoms 

Ultimate Stopwatch 8.0.0

Beautifully designed Stopwatch and Countdown timer for phones, tablets and TV

Publisher: geekyouup 

MobiDB Project Management

Comprehensive project management app

Publisher: Vitaliy Korney 

Tamil Daily Calendar 1.1

This is a simple application which shows traditional Tamil daily calendar sheet

Publisher: Black God 

Mirakel 3.0

Efficient Simple Task Management for the best Devs of the universe!

Publisher: PingOn 

MindFlux 1.4.2

Free your mind and stay organized! Easy productivity based on drag&drop

Publisher: bmatthias 

World Holiday Calendar 4.0

Holiday, event & festival calendar 2020, select country, widget, trending news

Publisher: Solution Stack 

Shift Calendar 1.42

This program is work calendar for people which work in shifts

Publisher: Сергей Попов