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Quran Android 3.2.0

App for reading and listening to handpicked audio recitations


Salaat First 5.8.4

Calculates prayer times based on user location

Publisher: Hicham Boushaba 

المؤذن 4.0.1215

Al-Moazin, is the most accurate prayer times for mobiles and smart watches

Publisher: Parfield 

Biblioteca del Evangelio 6.2.0 (620052.18)

Study the word of God

Publisher: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 

Bible Study

Study the Bible Offline. KJV, NIV, ESV Bibles included

Publisher: Gospel Technologies 

Sahih Muslim 2.0

Hadith Collection of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by Imam Muslim - Ramadan 2017

Publisher: Quran Reading 

The bible quiz game 1.0.22

Test your knowledge of the holy Catholic Bible with 3,500 trivia questions

Publisher: The city of the apps 

Easy to Read Bible 5.0

Read or listen to the Bible in easy language

Publisher: Holy BIBLE 

Theology Dictionary 1.1

Complete theology dictionary. Find and learn many definitions

Publisher: Apps Teología, Diccionarios y Biblicas Cristianas 

Salatuk Prayer time 2.3.9

Salatuk is your Muslim prayers Companion!

Publisher: Masarat App