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Telegram Aniways 1.8.4

Aniways is a Fun and productive Telegram client with Contextual content engine!

Publisher: Aniways 

ZapZap Messenger

The best application to chat with friends or meet new people !

Publisher: Private Host 

MightyText 16.67

Allows users to send SMS texts from their PC

Publisher: MightyText: SMS Texting w/ PC - SMS Messaging 

Ghostery Privacy Browser 69.0.1

Advanced privacy technology for a safer and faster web browsing experience

Publisher: Ghostery, Inc. 

TiKL Touch Talk Walkie Talkie 3.97

A walkie talkie app that allows you to send voice messages to other users

Publisher: TiKL Inc 

SMS - MMS Messages Text Free 2.6.4

Messenger for SMS - texting message app, faster, simpler & safer, for you

Publisher: SMS Messenger, Text App 

Firechat 9.0.14

Messaging app that works even without an internet connection

Publisher: SKYBLU 

Sketch Guru - Handy Sketch Pad 1.3.0

An app that enables you to sketch using various drawing tools

Publisher: Doodle Joy Studio 

AirStream 3.5.31

Stream media and access files from Computer and Cloud, on a single app!

Publisher: Nityaa Labs (Nityaa Technologies Pvt Ltd) 

Lite Messenger Facebook 8.0.4

Messenger and video calls for Facebook users

Publisher: Magic Cooker