1. Communication

  2. Messaging

Text Me! 3.7.3

Gives you a free number for texts and calls

Publisher: TextMe Inc. 

Disa 0.9.9

Unified messenger hub that merges all of your communication services

Publisher: Disa Technologies, Inc. 

Chatous 3.8.27

Connect on topics with global friends over text or chat

Publisher: Castle Global 

Firechat 8.0.8

Messaging app that works even without an internet connection

Publisher: Open Garden 

ICQ Messenger 6.12(821691)

App to make voice and video calls synced across devices

Publisher: ICQ 


Russian email domain with servers for all users

Publisher: Mail.Ru Group 

eBuddy Messenger 3.6.1

Program that allows users to communicate using multiple platforms

Publisher: eBuddy 

Text Free SMS 6.12

Allows texting, calling and SMS messaging with a U.S. phone number

Publisher: Pinger, Inc. 

SMS Messaging (AOSP) 1.4

A fast SMS alternative app for mobile devices

Publisher: Sylvain Galand 

Pinger Messenger 1.0.2

App that allows users to text and call for free

Publisher: Pinger Inc