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Animals Games

A game set about animals include 17 games

Publisher: Kidgames 

Geograpiea Indonesia 1.6.1

You think you know much about Indonesia?

Publisher: Agate Labs 

Toma 3.12

Talking pets Toma: virtual funny Tamagocthi animals. They can be your friends!

Publisher: Garpix 

Chinese Food 1.0

Don't mess up your kitchen! Come cook Chinese food in this fun kids maker game!

Publisher: Kids Food Games Inc. 

Fruits and Vegetables 5.4

It helps your child learn fruits and vegetables in an enjoyable way

Publisher: Geesun Xu 

Puzzle Free 1.4.3

Logic games for preschool kids four years old and up

Publisher: Svey Development 

Ships 1.2

Educational app for kids and toddlers about ships. Full Sail, little captain!

Publisher: Thematica - educational and fun apps for kids 

Treehouse 1.9

Educational game for infants and pre-school children

Publisher: Zaubersee 

Bible Trivia 113

Bible Trivia is the most fun you'll have studying the Bible!

Publisher: Salem New Media 

SlushyMakerSalon 1.0

On a hot, hot day, there's nothing like a cup of cool drink!

Publisher: Libii