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Salient Eye Remote 5.2.998

Remote Control for your Salient Eye Home Security Alarm from another device

Publisher: Salient Eye, Motion Detector Home Security Alarm 

Remote Link 1.2e.0.150723

Remote for your PC - Touchpad, Keyboard, Presentation, Media Player and more

Publisher: ZenUI, ASUS HIT TEAM 

MEO Remote 3.7.3

Turn your device into a remote control

Publisher: MEO. 

Remote Input

Remotly control your PC's mouse and keyboard via Wi-Fi! Be lazy!

Publisher: Steppschuh 

Samsung TV Remote 9.2.7

The best Samsung TV Remote Control, DLNA Server, Wear, Watch Remote. ★📺

Publisher: Andev TM 

Smart TV Remote 3.9.4

Smart Remote is the universal TV remote over IR, network, and external IR!

Publisher: adiroid 

TV remote app 2.804

TV Remote Control allows controlling your TV over LAN

Publisher: LTS Lab 

Remote for Apple TV - CiderTV 0.6.1-lite

Control & keyboard for 2, 3 gen Apple TV via WiFi + TV volume

Publisher: WAYD LLC 

Vectir Remote Control 4.2.0

The best PC remote control for your, mouse, keyboard, media player and more!

Publisher: Incendo Technology 

VLCRemote 1.3.2

VLCRemote is a remote controller for a VLC mediaplayer on your computer!

Publisher: Tvn Mobile