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Vectir Remote Control 4.2.0

The best PC remote control for your, mouse, keyboard, media player and more!

Publisher: Incendo Technology 

Bose Connect 20.0

Manage your Bose device(s) all from this one handy app

Publisher: Bose Corporation 

HeadSet Controller 2.9

Control any other media player with one button (equilizer , bast boost)

Publisher: DaneZ 

VLCRemote 1.3.2

VLCRemote is a remote controller for a VLC mediaplayer on your computer!

Publisher: Tvn Mobile 

Pocket RXTX 3.0-2

You can now take you HAM transceiver in your pocket

Publisher: Dan Toma 

Unity Remote 4 2.0

A very unique app that turns your smartphone into a remote control for your PC

Publisher: Unity Technologies ApS 

Universal Remote Control 2.0.1

Control your TV or other similar infrared devices with compatible hardware and this free software

Publisher: PavTomSoft 

Samsung IR - Universal Remote 3.32

Turns your phone into a universal remote

Publisher: POWER7 NET 

Yatse, the Kodi Remote 11.1.0

Original Kodi remote with easy remote control, streaming & more since 2011!

Publisher: Tolriq 

Remote PC Share 1.15

Connect with computer located on remote place from any part of the planet

Publisher: Mighty Land