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My Heart 4.7.5

This app is your tool for better health and prevention of hypertension.

Publisher: Klimaszewski Szymon 

f.lux 22.0

f.lux warms up your screen at night to help you wind down for bed

Publisher: justgetflux 

Sleepo: Relaxing Sounds 3.4.0.RC-GP-Free(77)

Sleep, relax and meditate with relaxing sounds of nature, rain or white noise.

Publisher: Maple Media 

Night mode - Blue light filter 1.5.5

Help you sleep easily and protect your eyes by reducing blue light🌛

Publisher: Leap Fitness Group 

Sleep Orbit 1.8.1

A unique 3D sound concept helps you sleep that you can't find anywhere else

Publisher: SMB Studio 

Antistress relaxation toys 7.7.2

Relax your mind and have something to do in boring moments! Have a break!

Publisher: JindoBlu 

Salud Responde 4.9.1

Application to access the catalog of available services Health Responds

Publisher: Sistema Sanitario PĂșblico de AndalucĂ­a 

Movesum 1.4

Find the inspiration to get moving and discover just how effective exercise is.

Publisher: Lifesum 

Sweat With Kayla 1.1

With over 8,500 workouts, how you choose to Sweat is up to you.

Publisher: Sweat 

Diabetes:M 8.0.5

Track, analyze and keep the diabetes under control!

Publisher: Sirma Medical Systems