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Diet Point · Weight Loss 4.1.8

Some willpower + DietPoint = SUCCESS

Publisher: DietPoint Ltd. 

Darker 3.1

Darker can lower your screen brightness to extremely low levels

Publisher: mlhgdevelopment 

Health4Me 4.7

Health4Me helps you manage your health care easier and faster


Heart Rate Monitor 3.7

Check your heart rate in real time

Publisher: Mobile Essentials 

f.lux 22.0

f.lux warms up your screen at night to help you wind down for bed

Publisher: justgetflux 

Night mode - Blue light filter 1.4.7N

Rest better with the app that lowers the blue light levels of your phone's screen

Publisher: Leap Fitness Group 

Sleep Orbit 1.8.1

Listen to these soothing sounds for sleep and get a better night's rest each night

Publisher: SMB Studio 

Period Calendar 1.672.208

Health app for assisting women to track their menstrual cycle

Publisher: Simple Design Ltd. 

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal 6.7.3

Wellness software for tracking daily calorie intake

Publisher: MyFitnessPal, Inc. 

Twilight 11

Adjust screen brightness at night to improve your sleep patterns

Publisher: Urbandroid (Petr Nálevka)