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Curso Mindfulness 1.0

Mindfulness course, learn to live in the present moment, without distraction

Publisher: Apps Teología, Diccionarios y Biblicas Cristianas 

40 dias 1.1

It will be a unique experience like you've never lived and experienced.

Publisher: Unión Mexicana del Norte 

Meditación y Relajación 2.0.0

The answer to all this is the same word : meditation.

Publisher: CosmApps Poemas Imagenes amor enamorar tristeza 

Mindfulness Beneficios y Prácticas 1.0

Mindfulness, benefits, practices and exercises on mindfulness

Publisher: Apps Teología, Diccionarios y Biblicas Cristianas 

Moodtrack 3.3

Anonymous mood tracker with optional private upgrade

Publisher: Matthew Windwer 

Alcootest 1.1

This application can give your level of alcohol consumption

Publisher: Helusion 

Baby Countdown 5.1.13911

Now you can tell friends and families when they asks: "When is your baby due?"

Publisher: Sevenlogics, INC 

Pregnancy Weekly 1.1

Weekly control of your pregnancy

Publisher: Trucos, Dietas, Maquillaje y Embarazo para todos 

Weight Loss Tips 4.0.5

Best Weight Loss Tips Helping you Get Back to Shape Easily.

Publisher: Special Daily 

Mudras 2.0.8

Mudras are nature way of healing.Perform mudras and get the benefits.

Publisher: aXar