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baby rhymes And Poems

Entertain the little ones with this collection of famous and lesser-known rhymes and poems

Publisher: liveapp 

Draw Letters

Spend a few minutes every day learning how to write common Arabic and Latin letters

Publisher: 3DDOman 

Amplified Bible

Read a digital version of the Bible in this app that has it broken down by book

Publisher: The Bible 

Al Quran Short Surahs

Always keep your favorite sections of the Quran close with this digital copy for mobile devices

Publisher: Nutcrackify Learning Solutions 

MHS edu

This educational app is designed to help with anything found on the full website for the school

Publisher: RRM 

Tough Words

A digital dictionary that contains some of the rarest words in the English language

Publisher: phpdriodapps 

Longevity- Offline Dictionary

Access a complete dictionary without needing a connection to the internet with this mobile app

Publisher: phpdriodapps 

Chemical Engg.Thermodynamics

This free software contains a few simple notes and points for those studying chemical engineering

Publisher: Engineering Hub 

Surat Yasin

Use your mobile device and this app to browse through the content of this sura

Publisher: SOTONG INC 

Tamil Proverbs

Learn sayings and adages that are popular in the Indian Tamil language

Publisher: SatworkZ