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Yaasiin dan Tahlil 1.7.1

Surah Yaseen and Tahlil with audio and translation

Publisher: Indocipta Studio 

Hindi Story Book 1.1

Browse and read Indian stories right on your mobile device

Publisher: Ajay Arya 

DIC-o Polish-German 1.1

German - Polish off-line dictionary (24000 translations)

Publisher: DIC-o 

Useful Knots

Some of the best knots you can tie!

Publisher: Neptuns Apps 

Read! 3.26

Read 200,000 books in your favorite genres

Publisher: LitRes 

Booklat 3.0

Navigate Booklat Website and/or Download Stories to your device

Publisher: Life Is Beautiful Printing Corp. 

SlideIT Pink Flower Skin 4.0

Want to have this skin on your keyboard? get SlideIT Keyboard

Publisher: Dasur Ltd. 

Keerthanai & Putheyluchi Padal 1.4

Tamil Christian Keerthanai and Putheyluchi Padalgal application has 448 songs

Publisher: Hannah John 

DIC-o Czech-German 2.13-dico_cze_ger

German-Czech off-line dictionary (88000 translations)

Publisher: DIC-o 

bon app 1.0.3

The most delicious and simple recipes with photos

Publisher: Tigermilk Media