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  2. Action/Adventure

Super Pablo 1.2.0

Now is the next great hero able to save Spain Breed: Super Pablo

Publisher: mnopi inc. 

Ninja Turtles New York 1.0.2

Turtles rangers is shooter game to control turtles kill zombies with power gun.

Publisher: ADVEN DROID 


"Shooting the Supreme Runner" The world of the mysterious Olympus ALL RUN ~ !!

Publisher: INTERSAVE 

Owen 1.51

Can you survive Owen's Odyssey?

Publisher: Brad Erkkila 

The Battle Of Saiyan Warrior 1.1.4

Do you love Saiyans?

Publisher: Wheel GS - WGS 

The Last Archer 1.2.5

With thy bow and arrows fight till the end!

Publisher: Healthy Body Apps 

ParkurCrazyBackflipJump 2

Brave enough to take this high air first person view parkour run game?

Publisher: Jail Wall Break Games 

Titan Run 1.1

Running and jumping rage game. Adventure powers, coins and enemies. Run Jump Fly

Publisher: Titan Bit Games 

ToyMatters 1.4

Ward off the evil hook because can break the seams of your toys!

Publisher: Nerlaska Studio 

Pet Run For Pou 2 1.0

Pets Run For Pou-Pae is very fun adventure game.

Publisher: Adventure Mini Game