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  2. Action/Adventure

Pistol Gun Attack 1.1

Pistol Gun Attack

Publisher: War Apps And Games 

Bird Shooter 1.0.4

Bird Shooter. It’s simple yet addictive

Publisher: Pocong 

Bleeding Edge 1.0

This bleeding edge of mine will never be pristine againe

Publisher: Spielhaus 

Bloody Way 3

Bloody Way, a free mobile jump game

Publisher: Mert Corekci 

Epic Battle Dude 1.1.0

Ready your weapon, charge into combat and fight the hordes of evil!

Publisher: HandyGames 

Escape From Doom 1.24

You disturbed their eternal slumber and now you must Escape from Doom!

Publisher: Trigger Happy LLC 

Bunnix 1.5

Dodge the dogs and dig out the carrots in this fun and addictive game

Publisher: GAMEADU 

Fairy Jungle Fly 1.5

Fly in the jungle with glittering fairy and have unlimited adventure for free!

Publisher: Creative Instinct 

Jungle Attack Sniper Hunting 3D 1.0

You are stuck in between the wildest animals with only a sniper in your hand

Publisher: Game Unified 

jungle dinosaur Blitz 1.1

This is best diono,hunting,shooting,killing,fighting real adventure action game

Publisher: Beta Games Studio