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Ever seen the Halloween movies?

Michael Myers. New skin, unchanged model.

Place the mmyers files in a folder called mmyers in the

\sierra\half-life\valve\models\player folder.

The .mdl file is the model you will see during play. The .bmp file is
necessary for the model to be selectable via the launcher interface. For
a player model to be visible to all clients playing, it must be installed on
the server for it to propogate to all playing clients.

When a model is downloaded from the game server, it does not download the
.bmp file necessary for selecting the model in the interface: models must be
deliberately installed by the player.

Ever seen the Halloween movies? I haven't, but I got a suggestion to
make a Mike Myers skin (I think that's how it's spelt, thats how it was
spelt on the site I went to) so I went to a Halloween site and got some
pictures of him. I'm not sure about the colours or what he should look
like from the waist down, because the pictures were black and white and
from the waist up.

Credits to:
Radiation Burn (http://www.planethalflife/burn) for being such an excellent site ;)
id for Quake and Quake2
Niai of the Scientist Killing Club for linking to my site.
Valve for Half-Life
Otis, Ascent and Dark Yoda for the lovely Mdlviewer
Mark Anthony Greco AkA {MichaelMeyers666} for suggesting that I do the

[email protected]

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