G.P.B. Best Of All 2001 Multiplayer Mod Update Patch

File Info: G.P.B. Best Of All 2001 Multiplayer Mod Update Patch

G.P.B. Best Of All 2001 Multiplayer Mod Update Patch
G.P.B. Phil
Also known as:
Ghost Recon
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Description: G.P.B. Best Of All 2001 Multiplayer Mod Update Patch

Requires G.P.B. Best of All 2001 Multplayer Mod. This is the patch to allow it to be played with the 1.2.10 version of Ghost Recon

* Models grouped into platoons for specific multiplayer modes:
- Platoon 1 models for cooperative multiplayer.
- Platoons 2, 3, and 4, models for team vs team multiplayer.
* 18 Models for cooperative Multiplayer .
* 35 team vs team models:
- 12 Models with USMC Desert,Urban and Wood Camo by Ricky Recon (Platoon 2)
- 7 Models with SAS Camo by SnowAngel - Bhz (Platoon 3)
- 16 Models with CdnOps V1.0 Camo by BajaBravo (Platoon 4)
* ALL models can use ANY weapon and weapons kit:
- 99 new weapon kits, including Weapons by Nishi (NMM Weapon Mod 0.9)
and Weapons by FTG Clan (Civilian War Mod).

* Fullscreen Night-Vision
* Fullscreen SniperVision

Feature Specifications

1. Multiplayer Models
In order to improve both cooperative, and competitive team vs team gameplay we
have divided up the Platoons such that platoon 1 consists of models to be used
for COOP game mode. Platoons 2, 3, and 4, consist of models specifically chosen
for competitive team vs team gameplay. Each of the team vs team platoons have
models that bear a close resemblance to other models within the same platoon but
look very different from models in the other platoons. No more getting killed
while checking/wondering if that person in your sights is an enemy or teammate!
Unless they're very far away but that's what the map is for =P. This should
improve competitive team vs team gameplay for both clan matches and public

Platoon 1 - Cooperative gameplay, just say "NO" to teamkills (TK)!
- 18 multiplayer models included
- 4 Female models for all the ladies , and confused men out there :)

Platoon 2 - "THE USMC" ... The elite of the elite soldiers of the United States of America.
- 4 Soldiers with Desert Camo (Sniper,HeavySupport,Rifleman and Demolitions)
- 4 Soldiers with Urban Camo (Sniper,HeavySupport,Rifleman and Demolitions)
- 4 Soldiers with Wood Camo (Sniper,HeavySupport,Rifleman and Demolitions)

Platoon 3 - "SAS" ... The English Elite Soldiers for any Problem in the World.
- 7 Soldiers with SAS Camo.

Platoon 4 - "Cdn Ops" ... The Elite Soldiers in Canada.
- 16 Canadian Operative Soldiers.

*Note ! All this Camo Skins and Weapons were used under Permission.

2. Weapons and Weapon Kits
* 99 new weapon kits .
Any Weaponkit can be used by every Character
* M82 Barret sniper rifle has been beefed up a bit in firepower. Why? Because
it shouldn't take up to 4x .50 calibre bullets to kill someone regardless
of where it strikes! Don't worry, nothing ridiculous, just added a bit more
power to hopefully reduce the amount of hits required to put a normal
human down *LOL*.


3. Fullscreen NightVision and Fullscreen Snipervision

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