Delta Force: Land Warrior 1.00.42 Update (English)

File Info: Delta Force: Land Warrior 1.00.42 Update (English)

Delta Force: Land Warrior 1.00.42 Update (English)
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Delta Force 3: Land Warrior
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Description: Delta Force: Land Warrior 1.00.42 Update (English)

This patch will update the English version of Delta Force: Land Warrior to version 1.00.42. Full details can be found in more information.

Installation Instructions:
1. Download df3upd8t.exe to your hardisk (preferably to your desktop so you can easily find it).
2. Run df3upd8t.exe by double clicking the file.
3. Locate the folder where Delta Force Land Warrior was installed.
4. Single-click the dflw.exe file to select it.
5. Click OK.

Development Notes:
Version Update
1.00.42 Maintenance release incorporating fixes to various cheats
1.00.37 Cheater issues addressed: Speed, Glue, Warping, Auto-fire, Infinite Medkits
1.00.37 Fixed NovaWorld scoring problem for KOTH
1.00.37 If a player is airborne he cannot go prone, If a player is prone they cannot jump
1.00.37 New IBrowser added
1.00.31 LAN hosting fix
1.00.30 Added command line option /NOSKINS for servers to disallow custom skins.
1.00.30 Fixed flagball scoring issue.
1.00.30 General Maintenance Update
1.00.29 Maintenance update to support foreign language masters.
1.00.26 50 Player games will now show all players in the end game statistics screen
1.00.26 Additional Savage 4 chips support has been added
1.00.26 Mission editor is now usable with the small install selection
1.00.26 Rank abbreviations have been added to the player lists in NovaWorld stat hosted games
1.00.26 The "Page Up/Down" key(s) will now allow players to scroll through the in-game player list
1.00.25 Made some modifications to in-game sounds, including the commander screen sounds.
1.00.25 Not mentioned in a previous update, knife kills are now reflected correctly within NovaWorld player statistics
1.00.25 Tournament code added for future online events
1.00.25 User created missions should now save correctly
1.00.25 We have added some upgrades to the NovaWorld2 multiplayer connection system that should further increase stability when joining games that are almost full
1.00.24 A new "Terrain Geometry" feature has been added. The default for this feature is "Normal". By turning Terrain Geometry to "High", players will be able to increase the level of detail of the terrain at the expense of potentially slower game performance. Increased terrain detail will be most noticeable when looking at the level of detail of distant terrain.
1.00.24 A number of minor mission fixes have been implemented.
1.00.24 Knife statistics are now correctly recorded on NovaWorld 2 character tracking records.
1.00.24 New “metal footstep”, "promotion", and "statserver message" sounds have been added to the game.
1.00.24 Player will no longer be able to disable scope drift and weapon recoil during NovaWorld multiplayer games.
1.00.24 Save game files should now transfer during updates.
1.00.24 The knife range radius was somewhat reduced for the CQB character-type.
1.00.24 The multiplayer host setup now allows players to set the number of kills from 1 to 500. Anything below 1 or above 500 is set to Infinite.
1.00.24 Vehicle explosions have been modified to cause damage only during their initial explosion.
1.00.24 We have made modifications to correct problems that some players were having with the scope feature. These problems were related to certain video card chipsets.
1.00.23 Addresses issues for some players who were being dropped from Multiplayer games.
1.00.22 Disallows players to disable weapon effects like recoil, crosshair spread, etc., regardless of the settings the host chose.
1.00.22 For players with slower, dial-up connections, we hope you will see improved online performance as we adjust the way DFLW uses bandwidth.
1.00.22 Improves accuracy of scope adjustments and keeps magnification from returning to default level when you switch weapons.
1.00.22 Increases burst rates for OICW and M4 carbine.
1.00.22 Several hardware-related issues are also addressed in the update.

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