Serious Sam: Second Encounter v1.07 Patch (European)

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File Info: Serious Sam: Second Encounter v1.07 Patch (European)

Serious Sam: Second Encounter v1.07 Patch (European)
Also known as:
Serious Sam: The 2nd Encounter
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Description: Serious Sam: Second Encounter v1.07 Patch (European)

This is the patch that will update your European SE edition of Serious Sam to version 1.07. To see what is included in the update, see additional information.

1.07 is not net-game compatible with older versions. everyone need to
upgrade - both servers and clients
save games and demos are retained from older versions to 1.07
NOTE: Installing this patch will reset your video, audio, network and game
settings. This is needed to reapply new fixed settings for some
configurations. Player settings, demos, save games and any scripts that you
wrote will remain. (I.e., PersistentSymbols.ini is reset to all defaults.).

+ network connection recoded to use only UDP protocol, what should fix
problems with some users that couldn't connect
+ skeletal animation system and Serious SKA Studio
+ added stereo rendering support for red/cyan glasses
+ fixed slow loading problems with Voodoo cards
+ some joysticks without POV hat reported POV hat as always pressed -
resulting in inability to bind commands
+ sound notification for chat message was missing in SE
+ scripted commands (like list/rlist/kick/rkick) didn't load automatically
in SE
+ inp_i2ndMousePort is now 0 by default. if you want to use the second mouse
enable it manually. it caused problems for some users that didn't have the
second mouse.
+ bend-over cheat has reappeared in SS:SE
+ jump-crouch cheat has reappeared in SS:SE
+ fixed receiving frags in fragmatch while dead (like from a rocket that you
fired before dying)
+ servers of incompatible versions as now shown as dimmed in the server

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