Tactical Ops v3.15 UT Mod Version 2

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Tactical Ops v3.15 UT Mod Version 2
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Description: Tactical Ops v3.15 UT Mod Version 2

This will install the retail version Tactical Ops 3.15 for owners of Unreal Tournament. It is the free version of the retail game minus some features. This is the second version that includes the Texture Fix for TO:AOT 3.15 Mod edition.

Game Tweaks:

- Weapon sound volume tweaked. The player can now better localize firing sounds in 3D space.

Bugs that have been eliminated:

- When the user changes the voice menu key only one key is then available. If the user sets this to left click (as when the

user double-clicks by accident), the player can then no longer access the GUI whatsoever and must re-install the game.

- In multiplayer, when a terrorist spawns with the bomb, accesses the buy menu, and buys something, the bomb disappears. The terrorists cannot complete their objective at this point.

- The names of the enemies pops up through smoke.

- Pressing F4 and F5 while on the Favorites tab of the Find Internet games menu, while a player's favorite server is not running will cause the player's machine to crash to their desktop.

- The host of a LAN game cannot see or hear client's footsteps.

- When buying knives in the buy menu, an equal number of Glock clips are bought.

- The map list starts out empty. This bug has been fixed. However, due to a limitation, the player can only save 32 maps, so WinterRansom is left out of the list.

- The player menu access via the F1 key is very erratic. Players are left off the player list and players are listed as being on the wrong team.

- Controls settings are not always being kept.

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