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Eight Legged Freaks Demo
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Description: Eight Legged Freaks Demo

Here's is a little first-person shooter game that was originally web based that runs along the theme of the movie coming out this summer, Eight Legged Freaks.

Minimum system requirements:

Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP or NT with service pack 2 or greater.
64 megabytes of ram.
Pentium II 300mhz or faster CPU.

Macintosh 350mhz G3+ 64 megabytes of ram.
MacOS 8.6+
MacOS X in classic mode

game notes:

1) In the game settings screen, turn on OpenGL if your computer supports Hardware Accelerated OpenGL. Hit the back button. Exit the game with the "ESC" key and restart the game. The game will now run in enhanced mode.

2) Turn right in the first room as you enter and walk through the door behind the box of bolts. That leads to the next room. You can always use the "M" (map)

3) Here are some cheat codes to help you see different parts of the game: (please do not write about these)

a) access the cheat console by pressing the "=" key on your keyboard

c) type these codes followed by enter:

normal = reset player cheats

god = invulnerability

unlimitedammo = ammo does not deplete when firing

allammo = max ammo for all weapons

allweapons = get all weapons

allkeys = open any locked door

heal = restore player hitpoints

killall = kills all currently spawned bots

go tarantula = jump to position near tarantula room

level 2 = roof level

level 1 = mall level
d) press the "esc" key to return to the game.

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