Dark Planet: Battle For Natrolis Patch v1.0001F

File Info: Dark Planet: Battle For Natrolis Patch v1.0001F

Dark Planet: Battle For Natrolis Patch v1.0001F
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Description: Dark Planet: Battle For Natrolis Patch v1.0001F

This patch will bring your strategy title up to version 1.0001f and includes numerous gameplay fixes and additions. Check the additional information page for full details.

Problems with the Installer when Large Text is active have been addressed.
Attack Area functionality has been improved allowing enemy units and buildings to be targeted by dragging a selection box with the right mouse button.
Select Group and Centre On Group actions have been separated.
The player can now save up to 4 camera positions and jump to them at any time.
New hotkeys have been added for unit actions, attack modes and common building types.
Units and buildings are now shown more clearly on the Minimap.
The Minimap is now always active when visible
Scores are now displayed on the left hand side of the screen.
Lobby connection reliability has been improved and is now much more likely to succeed on slower connections.
The host computer no longer sends 'has left' messages when returning from the Start Net Game screen.
In games started from the Lobby, the host can now only select maps that will accommodate the number of players launched.
Changes to the mouse cursor code have removed 'lag' on the net game screen.
The default scroll method has been changed to 'edge' scrolling.
Edge scrolling has been improved to be smoother and more consistent.
Bombs, ego effects and spells can now destroy resources.
Dreil Digin and Dex Worms burrowed icons no longer occasionally disappear.
Health bars now appear on Colonist buildings that exist at the start of the level.
Collector worms now properly update the score with the amount of energy collected.
The way other teams overhead icons are seen by the Dreil has been changed to perform as originally intended.
Objects now darken down correctly around the edge of the map.
Statistics for partially completed levels are now stored with saved games.
Loading bars are now displayed when retrying a level, when returning to the front end and when loading a level.
The Dark Planet icon is now displayed in the taskbar when the player presses ALT-TAB.
Power bars are now shown for damaged Colonist walls.
It is no longer necessary to click twice to rebuild a partially dismantled building.
Ego unit effects no longer disrupt water areas.

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