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Mobile Forces is a first person shooter built on top of Epic's Unreal(TM) technology and offers 8 game modes and 11 sprawling and realistic environments. Unleash warfare all the way from the Arctic to the Wild West in a diverse range of vehicles with groundbreaking physics and choose to either drive or ride in the vehicle passenger seat and blow away your opponents.

Minimum Specification:
PII 450 - Windows 95 - 4x Speed CD Drive - 128 Mb RAM - Keyboard & Mouse - Windows 9x. Compatible Sound Card - 32 Mb 3D Accelerated DirectX 8.0 Compatible Video Card

Recommended Specification:
PIII 700 - Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP - 4x Speed CD Drive - 256 Mb RAM - Keyboard and Mouse - 3D Soundcard - 32 Mb 3D Accelerated DirectX 8.0 Compatible Video Card with Hardware T&L Support.


- Rebalanced weapons
- Tweaked physics
- Updated character models and skins
- Particle effects - smoking vehicles, plumes of smoke/flame from chimneys in levels etc
- Level undergone lots more playtesting, so lots of little gameplay tweaks
- Dedicated server option
- Improved networking code
- Player and Announcer spoken voices
- Foreign language text - French, German, Italian and Spanish in European version
- Directional pain indicators - see where you're being shot at
- Thrown trip bombs no longer expire on their own
- Majesco-branded US version of the demo, with English and Brazilian Portuguese text
- Censor-pleasing Robot skins and black blood in German install
- Message text now appears in appropriate colours
- Proper console window re-added
- Friendly support for passworded servers
- Spectating in Network games supported from frontend
- Improved stability
- Improved performance
- Lotsa Bugfixes

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