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SimGolf v1.03

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SimGolf v1.03
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Description: SimGolf v1.03

This will update your SimGolf v1.03 which contains a good number of changes. To see what's new, check out the additional information page.

- Corrects an obscure crash related to the selection of female golfer heads on the customization screen which affected theme packs and importation of custom heads.

- Fixes from the v1.02 patch are included with this patch, and are as follows:

-Removed 50 year limit for required retirement

-I.M. Picky should now visit courses more often

-A better system for placing landmarks has been implemented. Free landmarks now appear in your landmark menu when Ivana donates a landmark, or when a happy ending occurs on your course.

-New ability to cancel a match or tournament (use the 'wrench' icon on the interface to access this).

-You can pick up a golfer and move him/her to other locations on your course, or even to the clubhouse to eject him/her. This is done by clicking on the eject-golfer icon after clicking on the golfer.

-J.P Bigdome will now offer more cash if he likes your course.

-Golfers in carts should no longer complain about steep slopes.

-Gary Golf (or whatever you name your golf pro) no longer loses skills when buying a new course.

-The 'Toilet Bowl' effect for firm-fairway and greens has been fixed.

-Animals can be turned off in the preferences menu.

-Golfer comments can be turned off in the preferences menu.

-Display of ranking / stars / hearts on course name box has been simplified.

-'Esc' key no longer will quit the game, but rather clears messages, etc.

-Right-Clicks now clear messages before becoming an undo cursor.

-Invalid course records problem is now fixed.

-Problem with golfers on benches not going to the tee has been fixed.

-'No Dandelion' landmarks now prevent new weeds as well as the spread of weeds.

-Faster scrolling on member report screen.

-Tees and Holes can no longer be removed during a tournament, though other course elements may still be altered, placed, or removed.

-Clicking on the faces at the bottom of the interface/screen will now center your view on the the golfer it represents; to see more golfers in the event of overlap, hold the 'Shift' key.

-An issue with the routing map screen and golfers who wandering aimlessly looking for old holes has been corrected.

-You can press keys 1-9 (top row of keyboard) to jump to the corresponding hole. If the hole is already on the screen, this will bring up the hole report. Press the keys shift 1-shift 9 to jump to holes 10-18 on the 'back nine'.

-Added the '.' version of the Shot Analysis function which assumes the hole of the previous shot analysis and allows you to control which hole the analysis shoots toward. i.e. '.' is the same as '/' except it doesn't change holes.

-Increased difficulty at "difficult" and "impossible" levels as now golfers sometimes feel their partner's pain.

-Fixed issue with golfer returning to tee after first shot.

-Worked on pathing issues to prevent stuck golfers.

-Fixed issue with buildings losing connection w/ clubhouse.

-Fixed crash problem at max zoom out.

-Fixed saved game issues with Themes (ie themes should now load automatically when a game that was saved using a theme is loaded from the load game menu).

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