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Lego Skin Pack 2
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Quake 2
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Description: Lego Skin Pack 2

Second skin pack for the Lego player model.

-=[Assorted Lego Man Player Skins: Pack 2]=-
by: Malengine
e-mail: [email protected]

-=[this is a collection of all the lego man skins I have made.

=[files included]=
-=[Alien.pcx - a one Eyed alien, dont know if this was a real lego man
-=[alien_i.pcx - the _i file for the alien
-=[islander.pcx - an islander skin (I like this one)
-=[islander_i.pcx - the _i file for the islander
-=[pirate.pcx - a pirate skin (sorry ShiznittZ, I didnt know you
made on until I was packing these up.)
-=[pirate_i.pcx - the _i file for the pirate
-=[wolfpack.pcx - A Wolfpack guy
-=[wolfpack_i.pcx - the wolfpack guys _i file
-=[woodsman.pcx - a random woodsman
-=[woodsman_i.pcx - and his _i file
-=[legoskins.txt - the file you are reading now

-=[unzip all the files to the baseq2\players\legoman folder (or the
-=[folder your lego guy tris.md2 file is in).

=[In the next pack]=
-=[some female lego skins (did you noticed there aren't any?)
-=[more town people
-=[race car guy
-=[NEW lego guys by me (completely blank here)
-=[requests by you

-=[Has anyone thought of starting a clan using the lego man model?
-=[I would make a skin for them if they want.

-=[questions comments? my address is at the top]=-

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