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Desert Crisis v1.5C [Full]
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Description: Desert Crisis v1.5C [Full]

Desert Crisis is a mod set in the near future with a mix of modern and futuristic weaponry. It features a modular objective system which gives the mappers _TOTAL_ freedom. The mod also features a character selection system similar to old-school paper RPGs. You choose your body-type, weapons, and perks (such as extra adrenaline, nightvision and so on). This way, your character is a reflection of your playing style. Also, not only can you customize how your character is equipped, but how he LOOKS as well. DC features a unique character customization system wherein you can pick skin color, accessories (hats, hair, glasses, etc.). There are literraly THOUSANDS of possible combinations. This mod will be one of the first games where you can recognize someone by how they look, not just the name at the bottom of the screen.

Updates from 1.5 include:
* A new menu for steam (credit to h4x for the original menu back)
* New background music
* New game icon in your steam menu
* An updated in-game command menu
* A fix to make your server show up in the server browser
* Updated server binaries that fix the following:
-fixed weapon slots bug
-fixed some issues with the latest version of Akimbot
-fixed a bug in warning info_objectives that share a targetname with another entity
-updated easter egg access
-new RELAY Trigger type
-fixed a bug in delayed SET triggers
-fixed the chaingun capping bug
-fixed a bug causing the hud to not update when cl_lw was set to 0
-fixed wootastic deagle and rbull damage (similar damage/minute as the other pistols now)
-c4 no longer disappears in ceilings
-mappers can now define multiple in-map weapon restrictions
-fixed $change command in mapscript
* Updated FGD for mappers
* Fixed typos in some maps and added briefings as well

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