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The Nations Patch 3 v1.03

File Info: The Nations Patch 3 v1.03

The Nations Patch 3 v1.03
JoWood Productions
Also known as:
Die Volker 2, Alien Nations 2: The Pimmons (Original title)
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Description: The Nations Patch 3 v1.03

This will patch your strategy title to version 1.03 adding a good number of fixes, some multiplayer additions, changes and a great new feature. See additional information

The Nations - Patch 3 (version 1.03)

New Features


- A message appears if marketplaces or temples are overcrowded.


- The 'Next Message' button is also present in the last message.
- You can now add or subtract 10 units in various dialogs by clicking on the buttons with the right mouse button.
- When offering goods, a message appears when the offer has arrived.
- The message that appears when a citizen has died now also indicates which citizen died.
- All players now see the effects of a catastrophe sent by a player.
- The version number of the game is shown in the bottom right corner of the main menu.
- Music is no longer streamed when the music volume is set to 0%.
- Various smaller design changes were made.



- The opponent AI has been improved.
- Cargo boats occasionally held at a wharf and stopped moving.
- Some program crashes were removed.
- Citizens did not prefer marketplaces that contain goods.
- Buildings received the wrong type of number of goods.
- "Divine healing" increased health, but did not heal illnesses.
- The buttons for retrieving healing potions and wheelbarrows (in the citizen info dialog) are activated when these goods are not in store but available in production buildings.
- A house that has been damaged to the point that citizens could no longer live in it was still counted as a free dwelling.
- When a policeman attacks a criminal, the motivation of all citizens was reduced.
- Crashes caused by the sound system have been removed.


- The production amounts and delays of wells and pumps has been changed.
- Farmers and witch-doctors now harvest all of their plants.
- Fishermen require more time to catch fish.


- In the training dialog, the Policeperson job was moved to the Military category.

Fixed Bugs


- Citizens that collect resources still sometimes stopped working.
- Citizens that collect resources did not always go to the nearest resources.
- Citizens did not prefer marketplaces and taverns which contained goods.
- During the night it was possible to select or deselect units. Under certain conditions this lead to crashes.
- Some confirmation dialogs (for instance for destroying buildings, cancelling training, or firing knights and researchers) caused a crash when the person in
question had died since the dialog was opened.
- Under certain conditions selecting a cargo boat caused a crash.
- Research times diminished when multiple players played the same nation.
- The scale of the farm's fertilizer storage indicator was wrong.
- Clicking on the portrait of a citizen on a ship made the camera center on the location where the citizen boarded the ship, not on the ship itself.
- If a citizen lost his home while taking a break outside, he or she no longer did any work for the rest of the day.


- The mission goal 'Offer goods to an opponent' could not always be achieved.
- Performance dropped in long games.
- Citizens that collect resources sometimes stopped working.
- Some crashes have been removed.
- Citizens only asked for luxury goods once they've been invented.
- The same screenshot was shown for all saved games In the Load Game dialogue in the options menu.
- When part of a wall is destroyed, any guards that were standing on it remained floating in the air.
- In the first Pimmon mission, the player was only credited for having trained a fisher when this fisher was not sailing his boat.

Fixed Bugs in Multiplayer Mode


- When at least one computer player is playing, the game can crash in the second or third day.


- Animals that were killed by a hunter sometimes kept moving.
- Villagers 'jumped' when the network connection was slow.

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