"Duke's Day Off" - A Duke Nukem 3D Fan Video

File Info: "Duke's Day Off" - A Duke Nukem 3D Fan Video

"Duke's Day Off" - A Duke Nukem 3D Fan Video
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Description: "Duke's Day Off" - A Duke Nukem 3D Fan Video

In February of 2002, we were sent this funny fan movie for Duke Nukem 3D. It's entitled "Duke's Day Off". It is quite unlike any fan video we've been sent before. It shows what happens when Duke decides to take some time off, and leave the computer and exploring the world on his own!

It's a rather lengthy download, but there's some EXTREMELY funny bits in here. Check it out! A few bits can be described as "R" rated, so if you're a parent, you may wish to check it out yourself first.

With the video, we were also sent this text file with some information about the video.

-- 3D Realms


Dear 3D Realms Staff,

In 1998 when we were studiing multimedia at the "Mediadesign Akademie" in Munich
(Bavaria/Germany), we had the luck to make a little movie with our idol Duke Nukem. It was
just for fun and I always wanted to send you a copy of this movie.

4 years have passed now. Sorry about that. But here you are, your own copy of what we call
the greatest movie of all: DUKE'S DAY OFF - a school project in 9 minutes, filmed at
original places around Munich.

We wish you lot's of fun with that copy.


FOG United

F = Froemter Max
O = Oberuc Roman
G = Gericke Luis
United because we are one great team!

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