Tef Dbl V: Monumental Misery

File Info: Tef Dbl V: Monumental Misery

Tef Dbl V: Monumental Misery
Tore H. Johansen
Also known as:
Quake 2
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Description: Tef Dbl V: Monumental Misery

Here is a 3 map single player unit for Quake II, originally released April 23, 2001.

A 3-level integrated Quake II unit for fans of single player gaming.

Contains a fully developed plotline and consistent use of F1 messages and objectives that plays out much like an adventure game. This time, it is YOU that gather information for the objectives at hand, not the other way around.

Full unit title: Tef Double Pack V: Monumental Misery.

Map names: Prologue, Twin Towers, Monumental Misery.

Map file names: prologue.bsp, tef4.bsp, tef5.bsp

Build time: About 3.5 months.

Contains textures, sounds and models from the Xatrix MP1 for Q2, and from the Rogue MP2 for Q2.

Contains additional textures and sounds from the Q2 community ("Fingers" and "Redchurch").

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