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Day of Defeat 1.0

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Day of Defeat 1.0
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Description: Day of Defeat 1.0

Day of Defeat is a World War II multiplayer total conversion of "Half-life." DoD attempts to recreate WWII battles in both fictional and non-fictional environments. DoD puts you in the shoes (rather, combat boots!) of either an Allied or Axis soldier circa 1944, Western Europe.

v3.1 fixes:

- added anti-cheat protection
- fixed textures problem in basic.wad
- fixed para round timer not ending round on 0:00
- fixed +Use exploit
- added garand\carbine selection to light inf. in normal dod gameplay
- added thompson\grease gun selection to assault inf. in normal dod
- added k43\kar selection to light inf. in normal dod gameplay
- took away 1 grenade from axis light inf.
- fixed switching classes while dying sets reinforcements to 0:00
- added K43 normal gameplay sleeve texture in coding
- added\Edited Vgui class menus and pics
- new Bar model tweak

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