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Star Trek Armada II Patch v1.1

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File Info: Star Trek Armada II Patch v1.1

Star Trek Armada II Patch v1.1
Also known as:
Star Trek: Armada 2
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Description: Star Trek Armada II Patch v1.1

This patch updates your Armada II to version 1.1 adding a great number of additions and a few needed fixes. Read all the details in the additional information section.

New Changes:
· Adjusted the power of Borg Cubes for better balance
· Health bars of ships in the ship display now display the color of the ship's shields: green for full health, red for almost depleted and blue for no shields.
· Added a metal cost to creating a fusion cube. It will now cost 750 metal to form the fusion cube. It will cost 1500 metal to form the Tactical Fusion cube.
· Increased max zoom-out in strategic view from 1500 to 2200.
· Added 'F' as hotkey to bring up Formations menu.
· Added a left-click interface mode. Left click will give orders and select, while right click will be to deselect.
· Species 8472 fleets using the bio-pulse conduit now share damage (e.g. 50 points of damage to one ship gets dealt out as 10 points to each of 5 ships in the fleet) when the frigate is targeted.

Multiplayer/Instant Action Enhancements:
· Improved the game's Artificial Intelligence with numerous tweaks.
· Added an option to disallow map downloads, or only download after asking.
· Minimaps will display immediately after map download.
· You can recrew a station while life support is down.
· To save a multiplayer game, press CTRL+S. To load a saved game, you can choose it from the map selection screen in multiplayer.
· Added a slider for ship (not station) build times.
· Added a slider for global unit cost.
· Added a slider for map depth.
· Added a Slower Physics button. This will cause larger ships to turn and accelerate more slowly, more in line with the physics of ships seen in Star Trek shows and movies. This will affect Federation, Cardassian, Romulan, and Klingon vessels.
· Per fan requests, added an "Early Upgrade" techtree, which allows the ship upgrade facility to be built immediately after the first research facility is built.

New Fixes:
· Eliminate the warp jumpiness of the AI.
· Your own ships will not attack your fleet.
· Fixed fireball explosions.
· Fixed Radeon 8500 performance issue by disabling vertex buffer flushing for Radeon
· Optimizations for path planning system.

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