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Quake II for red-blue 3D glasses
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Description: Quake II for red-blue 3D glasses

This will add the red and blue screen to your Quake2 game giving it a great 3D look. Make sure you read the text in the additional information section for important requirements and installation.

You're going to need:

Linux (or some other OS if you know how to compile Quake II itself and the X11 software renderer) - I'd love to make a Windows version but I know nothing about programming graphics under Windows
Quake II source from id Software's FTP or one of the mirrors (q2source-3.21.zip)
my modifications (red-blue-quake2-0.1.tar.gz)
red-blue "3D" glasses (like these)
original Quake II game content (the *.pak files) - the engine is under the GPL, the game content is not!
Then perform the following commands:

unzip q2source-3.21.zip
tar -xzf red-blue-quake2-0.1.tar.gz
cd quake2-3.21/linux/
cd debugi386-glibc/
mkdir baseq2
cd baseq2/
ln -s ../gamei386.so
ln -s /path/to/quake2/baseq2/pak*.pak ./
cd ..
echo "." > /etc/quake2.conf
./quake2 +set vid_ref softx +set vid_gamma 0.5 +set cl_stereo_separation 1.5

And that's it! (At least in theory, drop me a line if it doesn't work for you.) Remember to become root before writing to /etc/quake2.conf (you can play as a normal user). Experiment with the cl_stereo_separation value (you can adjust it from the console, no need to restart).

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