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Custom Arcanum Mods
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This is the new pack that actually includes the missing "Hellgate" module that was missing from the first pack. There are 6 new Arcanum modules custom made by the Troika team! See additional information on a short description of each module.

Here are the names and a brief description of each mod.

Buried Secrets - A powerful sorceress has forced you to seek out a magickal tome of great power. She believes it is owned by a venerable priest. You reluctantly travel to an ancient temple to find both the priest and his book.

Deathmatch - Fancy yourself a fighter? Well here's your chance to prove it! Show off your moves in Deathmatch, where your will to survive is all that matters.

Dusty Dunes - Franklin Payne is at it again! You've been hired as a courier to deliver supplies to Arcanum's most famous adventure. Do you have what it takes to find Payne in the perilous Miasmire Swamp?

Hellgate - You have stumbled upon a town beset by demons. Two men, both deserving of your suspicion, claim the other is responsible for the siege. Not only must you find the true culprit, but you must also permanently close the Hellgate and save the town!

Time - Your ship has docked at a small town to undergo repairs, but alas! The town has all but been destroyed! Your only clue is an old man and his crazy ramblings. But who is this crazy old man? What mysteries lie at the heart of the old ruins he speaks of? And most important of all... What time is it?

Woodmir Race - Welcome to the small tourist town of Woodmir, where the main attractions are a castle infested with the undead and a jackpot of 50,000 gold! How much of the jackpot can you walk away with?

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