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Monopoly Tycoon 1.3 Patch
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Description: Monopoly Tycoon 1.3 Patch

This patch fixes several game issues and adds game functionality. See "additional information" for a change log.

Features and Fixes:

* Network code now upgraded to DirectPlay8.
* Added Custom Scenario functionality, this allows new scenarios to be
downloaded and run for single player.
* Added 2 custom scenarios as part of the upgrade.
* Added 'No win condition' objective for skirmish/multiplayer modes.
* Added a version number to sessions listed in the network screen.
* Added the ability to create and select user-defined building textures.
* Added a -port commandline parameter.
* Fixed load/save crash for sandbox/skirmish modes.
* Fixed load/save crash with silver/gold difficulties on certain single player
* Fixed Railroads and utilities not giving any profit.
* Fixed out of sync issues.
* Fixed cd-recognition problem with systems containing more than one cd/dvd
* Fixed a crash by selecting a person and switching to city view and back to
block view.
* Player toggles are removed in a network session when they are ready.
* Added a message box to the network game when a player quits before an
objective is reached.
* Fixed going back from skirmish mode to the previous menu.

2 Fix list for Version 1.2

This release includes all fixes and updates from previous patches.
* Added a SafeMode feature.
* Added Advanced Options button in the launcher.
* Added software mixing / 2d sound options to Advanced Options.
* Added various control over 3d components to Advanced Options.
* Fixed fogging bug on S3 Savage Cards.
* Software sound mixing is the default setup on new config.cfg files.
* Fixed random crash bugs with Turtle Beach Montego sound cards.
* Fixed bug where the launcher would crash when configuration was selected on
certain systems.
* Fixed the empty auction room issue.
* Fixed save game list not selectable after saving.
* Improved the AI's likelyhood of raising the bid for blocks it is normally not
interested in.
* Raised the AI's interest in going for Utilities and Railroads as well as
their capacity to hinder for these blocks at auction.
* Fixed the problem of no AI activity after reloading a game.
* Added sandbox / skirmish modes with fully working load and save
* Removed the 'save' out of the multiplayer menu.
* Fixed the 'laser lights' problem.
* Fixed the Windows 95 CD recognition problem.
* Fixed the sandbox mode people limit, population now increases to 2000 for
this scenario.

3 Miscellaneous

Safe Mode
We have introduced a safe mode which is automatically enabled when
Monopoly Tycoon experiences a problem running or shutting down. You
will be asked if you wish to run in Safe Mode when you relaunch
Monopoly Tycoon. Safe Mode sets the Monopoly Tycoon configuration to
lowest, safest settings (see the end of this file for a list of safe
mode settings). If you do run in Safe Mode, your configuration
settings will be overwritten with these new settings. You will be
given 3 choices when prompted to run in Safe Mode.

a) Software Safe Mode
Your configuration will be overwritten with the new lowest settings
and the game will run in software rendering
b) D3D Safe Mode
Your configuration will be overwritten with the new lowest settings
and the game will run in D3D rendering mode.
c) Do not run in Safe Mode
Your configuration settings will be left as they are and Monopoly
Tycoon will not run in Safe Mode.

A new button is now available on the launcher screen called 'Advanced
Options'. You should only change the settings in Monopoly Tycoon if
you are experiencing difficulties in running the game or are suffering
performance issues.
You can force the game into safe mode at any point by creating a file
in your Monopoly Tycoon folder called MTS.txt.

Advanced Options
Disable hardware mixing
On by default, this uses the processor to mix sounds and bypasses any
hardware acceleration features on your sound card. This mode is the
most useful if you are experiencing difficulties in playing sound but
it requires more processing power.

Disable 3D Sounds
Off by default and allows some sounds in Monopoly Tycoon to be played
as 3d sounds. This feature is expensive especially if Software Mixing
is enabled. If you are experiencing performance issues, try disabling
3d sound.

No Movie
If you are experiencing problems when the introduction movie is being
played then you can skip it by enabling this option.

Windowed mode
You may run Monopoly Tycoon in a windowed mode. This feature is not
recommended for playing the game. It is useful primarily for debugging
problems if they occur.

Disable fog
If your 3D view looks washed out or is obscured by a grey mist then
check this box to disable fogging.

Disable Multi-texturing
Check this option to disable multi-texture lighting effects. This can
also improve performance on some machines.

Disable 2D billboards
Checking this option will change the method the game uses for drawing
light halos in the world. You should not see any difference with this
option but it may slow the game down but should fix problems with
lights streaking in the 3D view.


Alt + F5
Takes a screenshot ingame. The resultant screenshot is saved in the
root of the Monopoly Tycoon folder. The format of the filename is
tycoonxxxxx.tga where xxxxx is a 5 digit number.

Alt + F Switches the camera into freecam mode.

When in freecam mode the following keys are active and perform the
functions listed below:

Page Up Move the camera up
Page Down Move the camera down
Cursor Up Move the camera forward
Cursor Down Move the camera back
Cursor Left Move the camera left
Cursor Right Move the camera right
Shift Hold shift to move the camera more quickly

When you are in freecam mode, you must select an object ( block,
building or person ) to return into the standard Monopoly Tycoon
camera mode.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the configuration setup, you
can delete the config.cfg in the root of your Monopoly Tycoon folder.
When Monopoly Tycoon is launched again, a default configuration setup
will be created for you.

Sandbox / skirmish modes
Sandbox and skirmish modes are now fully available from the single
player option in the frontend. Sandbox mode allows you to play without
an objective and against no other competitors so you can build the
city you really want. Skirmish mode allows you to play against any of
the other AI competitors with control over the objective and various
other parameters. Both these modes include fully working load and save

4 Where to get help

If you are still experiencing problems when running Monopoly Tycoon
then you may want to get in touch with the following:

Infogrames ( )
Further contact details and phone numbers can be found in the main
game readme file or in the manual.

Infogrames US technical support ( )

Infogrames International technical support ( )

Monopoly Tycoon Official Forum ( )

Monopoly Tycoon FAQ ( )

If you have suggestions or comments then feel free to email us at
[email protected]

Make sure you have the installed latest drivers on your system and
also DirectX 8.0 or higher.

We will need to know the following details about the problem and your

a) Where did the game crash or lockup?
b) Does it lockup every time? If so, is it in the same place or does
it just crash randomly?
c) Does the game still lockup in safe mode?
d) Do you get any crash details in the game? If so, cut and paste the
details somewhere for reference. You may not be able to see the dialog
box that appears when in fullscreen mode, you can switch the game to
run in 'windowed mode' via the Advanced Options in the launcher.
e) Do any of your other DirectX 8.0 games lockup?
f) What operating system do you use?
g) What processor (CPU) do you have?
h) How much RAM do you have installed?
i) What video card and driver version do you have?
j) What audio card and driver version do you have?
k) What motherboard / chipset do you have (if possible).

Safe mode settings (reference)

Software or D3D rendering
640 x 480 x 16
16bit texture depth
16bit texture detail
No Sound
No Music
No Movie
Software mixing
No 3D Sound

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