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HoMM III: In the Wake of Gods Patch v3.53 - v3.55

File Info: HoMM III: In the Wake of Gods Patch v3.53 - v3.55

HoMM III: In the Wake of Gods Patch v3.53 - v3.55
WoG Team
Also known as:
Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Heroes of Might and Magic 3: The Restoration of Erathia, Heroes of Might & Magic 3: The Restoration of Erathia, Might and Magic Heroes III: The Restoration of Erathia
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Description: HoMM III: In the Wake of Gods Patch v3.53 - v3.55

This patch will update your WoG modification to version 3.55 from version 3.53. See additional information for details on what's included.

To check your WoG version:
- run H3WOG.EXE
- press F4
- go Menu -> Help -> About

WoG PATCH 3.55

There was no English version of a patch 3.54.
The patch 3.55 is the next one after patch 3.53
To check it you can click the right mouse button on the Credits button at
the start up WoG executable screen.

Info for ERM Scripts:
WoG version: 355
ERM version: 240

New Abilities:

1. Papyrus. Now you have a Papyrus that may keep any kind of text messages for all heroes, all heroes of a particular player or one specific hero. The Papyrus is controlled through the ERM and made as an addition to a Quest Log.
To get access to the Papyrus, go to the Hero View screen and press show Quest Log button. If the Hero has any messages in his Papyrus, you will be asked whether you want to see it or not. The standard Quest Log will be shown just after a Papyrus. If the Hero has no messages in the Papyrus you will see a Quest Log only.
For ERM Papyrus control, use the new QW receiver.

2. WoGifiing. Now any map may be WoGified.
Whenever you play a random map, or any WOG-format map that has a filename starting with "random_map" or "wogify_", that map will automatically include many ERM scripts. These scripts will "wogify" the map, by converting some common and unimportant objects into new objects (by object, I mean places you visit on a map), and will add other new things, such as new abilities for artifacts and modifications to secondary skills. If you want to play a non-random map with these features, rename the map (to "wogify_youroriginalmapname.h3m"), load it into the WOG map editor, and change the map format (under Tools/Map Specifications) to In The Wake Of Gods. If your map already has some ERM scripts before being wogified, it may cause ERM Error messages to appear if your script conflicts with wogifiing scripts. Make sure that your map has NO other scripts at all or check for variables, timers and functions used in the wogifiing scripts (USAGE.TXT in Data subdirectory).

The default scripts are:
script00.erm - Wogify. This is the script that actually modifies the map to include new WOG objects and monsters.
script01.erm - Map Rules. This adds one or two rules to a map that can drastically alter the game. These are the messages that start "In this strange land..." There are 20 different rules (there may be more later).
script02.erm - Artifact Boost. This adds new functions to 20 existing Heroes artifacts. Each artifact tells you what it does when you click on it.
script03.erm - Skills Boost. This adds new functions to 6 Heroes secondary skills. Artillery deals damage before combat, First Aid revives dead creatures after combat, Resistance downgrades enemies before combat, Eagle Eye teaches you a spell each level, Learning gives you a chance of an extra primary skill point each level, and Scouting gives you Rogues each day.
script04.erm - Arcane Tower. This is an object that lets you rearrange a hero's primary skill points.
script05.erm - Bank. This is an object that can loan a player money - but takes it back later with interest.
script06.erm - Demon Lord Summoning Artifact. This adds a new function to the Hourglass Of The Evil Hour.
script07.erm - Fishing Well. This lets you fish at Magic Wells; anything can happen.
script08.erm - Junk Merchant. This is an object that lets you sell bad artifacts.
script09.erm - Market Of Time. This is an object that lets a hero forget skills.
script10.erm - Mushrooms. This defines four objects that temporarily teach expert magic skills.
script11.erm - Palace Of Dreams. This is an object with slot machines that let you win artifacts or resources.
script12.erm - Living Skull. This is an object that can locate artifacts for you.
script13.erm - Tavern Card Game. This lets you gamble at Taverns.
script14.erm - Transformation Altar. This is an object that radically transforms a hero's army.
script15.erm - Mysterious Creature Dwelling. This is an object that gives each hero some creature's of his own town type, once only.
script16.erm - Battle Academy. This is an object that sells heroes skills, skill points, and artifacts.
script17.erm - Potions. This is three objects - two new fountains plus the Fountain Of Fortune - that give a hero potions usable at the start of combat.
script18.erm - Alms House. This is an object that gives a little to those with nothing.
script20.erm - Week Of The Monster. This replaces the normal "week of" and "month of" with a new "week of" that gives one monster type several bonuses for that week.
Visit our site for new versions of these scripts when they're next updated and for completely new scripts that may be completed and posted between patches.

3. Multiplayer support.
Now WoG maps with ERM will now work properly in multiplayer games. A map for Multiplayer may also be WoGified. It will be done automatically if the map is a random map or has a corresponding name (see paragraph above). WoGification will be executed as usual at map start on the side of a Player who has the first turn. That means that you need not have an exact copy of wogifiing scripts at all players' sides, but you must be sure that they are correct on the PC of the player who goes first. By default this is a Server side for a random map.
We tested a multiplayer with TCP/IP connection but expect that all other kind of connections will work fine.

4. Now you can set the type of monster that any given monster type will upgrade to. See the MA:U command in the ERM Help for details.

5. You can set now a name and a description of an artifact (UN:A syntax is extended).

6. New type of external dialog. This is "Check boxes" or "Radio buttons" with up to 12 items (IF:G command).

7. You can control which types of creatures can be recruited in a Town (UN:T command).

8. You can show a "Hill Fort" dialog to upgrade a specific Hero's army (HE:D command). Very useful with MA:U command.

9. Now you can not only use AND but also OR conditions in an ERM script.
This means: (c1 AND c2 AND c3) OR c4 OR c5 OR c6.
Either AND or OR part may be absent.
For details refer to the ERM Help.

10. You can use a new utility, the Monster Set-up Script editor. You can find it in the Erm_sm subdirectory: Erm_sm.exe. Now you can choose your own balance of monsters' abilities, knowing nothing about ERM. Just set all monsters statistics, push the "Make!" button and copy ERM script to your map. That is all! You can set up not only the standard monster statistics but also change several monster special abilities: make a walker fly or make a shooter not shoot.

11. Wandering Monsters.
Now monsters can wander around a map once they have been set as a wandering monster with ERM. A wandering monster may be set to chase a specific Hero, go to a specific location, search for heroes or towns of a specific player or be a "free" monster that may choose the nearest target and go in this direction. For details, check out the MW receiver in the ERM help file.
Warning! Wandering monsters have not been tested fully yet and may still have some bugs. We count on you help to make them more stable and more clever.

WOG Bug fixing:
1. Campaign In the Wake of Gods third map "cannot get over the wall" bug is fixed.
You should load a last saved game for the second map of this campaign and start the third map again.

ERM Bug fixing:
1. Day 1 timer bug. Now timer must work for the first player on the first day.
2. HE:O may be used now to change an owner of a hero, giving full control to the new owner.
3. The "memory pool" for the ERM interpreter is increased. An out-of-memory message is added.

HMM3.5 Team (02.02.01)

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