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Deux Ex Co-Op Patch Beta 1.1

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File Info: Deux Ex Co-Op Patch Beta 1.1

Deux Ex Co-Op Patch Beta 1.1
The Co-Op Project
Also known as:
Deus Ex: The Conspiracy
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Description: Deux Ex Co-Op Patch Beta 1.1

This is a project to bring a Co-Op Multiplayer patch to the Deus Ex Single Player game. Read what is in the additional information section for what's included.

BETA 1.1:

Update to first beta, fixes bugs and reduces lag


The first release focuses on the basic mechanics of Deus Ex, like conversations, computers/hacking, datalinks, datacubes and NPCs. A save game method is yet to be done, and changing maps does not work. Therefore, we converted the Rydberg Field map, as it is all set in one level, except for a few cinematics/conversations at the intro and outro. Check out the SP version for the full background story to Rydberg Field. We welcome feedback from this release as we move on to beta 2, which will hone game balance and add the save game features required for the full SP storyline to be played Coop.

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