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Master Rallye based on the trans-European and Asian endurance race of the same name. You race off-road over extreme terrain at break-neck speed, power-sliding around corners, launching skywards over humps and jumps, and avoiding hazards. Ten days of gruelling racing across every type of terrain, along with dust, pain, tears and adrenaline. Vehicle handling is excellent, with advanced physical modelling used to produce a driving feel that is both realistic and great fun to play.

Minimum Systems Requirements:
400 Mhz Intel or AMD compatible Processor
64 Mb RAM900 Mb Hard disk space
16 Mb 3D graphics card
DirectSound compatible sound card 8x speed CDROM

Produced under the official Master Rallye licence, with huge recognition across Europe and Asia.The game's unique courses offer extremely wide driving areas rather than narrow, constrained racetracks. This allows players to find their own fastest route over the rough terrain, weaving around obstacles and humps. Short cuts save precious seconds and can mean the difference between victory and defeat.Extremely wide, open courses offer a true off-road sensation. The courses are based on official archive data from previous Master Rallye tournaments along with the expertise of Rene Metge, the official Master Rallye course designer and previous three-time Paris-Dakar champion.

· Massive race through the 12 countries that make up the official Master Rallye route (including France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Russia, Turkey, Spain and Portugal), featuring a wide range of race stages over extreme terrain.· Full 18 degrees-of-freedom vehicle physics model, allowing gamers to experience as closely as possible the thrills of off-road cross-country rallying.
· With over 4000 km of track to race, there are 30 faithfully recreated locations with realistic landscapes and visually detailed vehicles. · Excellent replay value courtesy of several different modes of play including arcade, checkpoint, LAN/split screen and Internet gaming via GameSpyArcade.
· Totally realistic physics in terms of load suspension, vehicle handling, braking and power slides · 4-player networked head-to-head across LAN or Internet as well as 2-player split screen mode.
· Advanced metallic vehicle shading, realistic outdoor lighting, texture enhancement system, procedural landscape detailing and tyre tracks.
· Truly intelligent AI opponents with human-like free will, specific personalities and passive or aggressive character traits which respond and react to the player’s in-game actions and treatment of the opposition cars.

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