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Soul Reaver 2 Patch v1.02

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File Info: Soul Reaver 2 Patch v1.02

Soul Reaver 2 Patch v1.02
Also known as:
Soul Reaver 2, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2
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Description: Soul Reaver 2 Patch v1.02

This version 1.02 patch for the sequal to the hit adventure game, Soul Reaver, gives you a few good fixes to clean up your gameplay. See additional information for more info on the fixes.

Fix List (v. 1.02)

The user can now configure all directional buttons.

The user can now map keyboard buttons to pan the camera left or right.

An option was added to disable camera control using the gamepad. This allows the user to fix problems with certain gamepads where the camera was constantly spinning around.

Camera control using the gamepad had problems where sometimes the camera would rotate really slow, and sometimes really fast. This is fixed now.

An option was added to not play the opening FMA. This can possibly help users which get corrupted graphics (due to driver issues) after the movie has been played.

Pressing ALT-TAB during either the opening FMA or the credits FMA sometimes crashed the game. This was fixed.

A much higher percieved framerate can be expected on certain highend machines. An issue was fixed which could make the framerate appear very low, while in reality it was extremely high.

Upgraded to the latest version of SafeDisc. It should offer improved stability.

The patch can be applied to both a fresh installed 1.0 game or to a game already patched to be version 1.01. This means it also includes all the 1.01 fixes including the not before mentioned:

Fix for ATI Radeon 8500. Almost the entire screen used to be a single color.

Fix for GeForce3. Improved depth accuracy which removes several graphics artifacts.

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