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Heroes of Might and Magic III: In the Wake of Gods v3.53

File Info: Heroes of Might and Magic III: In the Wake of Gods v3.53

Heroes of Might and Magic III: In the Wake of Gods v3.53
WoG Team
Also known as:
Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Heroes of Might and Magic 3: The Restoration of Erathia, Heroes of Might & Magic 3: The Restoration of Erathia, Might and Magic Heroes III: The Restoration of Erathia
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Description: Heroes of Might and Magic III: In the Wake of Gods v3.53

This is the In the Wake of Gods (WoG) modifications for the Heroes of Might and Magic III shadow of Death game. This is a logical sequel from Heroes III world to Heroes IV. All previous stories (ER, AB and SoD) are behind and you have to make only last step to leave Erathia and come to new world in Heroes IV.

WoG version: 353, ERM version: 220

WoG Bug fixing: ***********************************
1. Sphinx takes now 1280 movement points and blessing bonuses are weakened.
2. "No diplomacy" curse makes monsters to be savage.
3. If you changed any army of a hero to a God's Representative (GR)
of another hero it was not tracked and GR works not properly then.
4. WoG may crash at map load if you customize a Horo's portrait
(in some cases).
5. Sphinx answer checking bug fixed (you might answer only first letter).
6. Pyramids now have their original name.

ERM bug fixing: ***********************************
1. !!MO$:... and !!LE$:... now work properly (indexed reference)
2. !!MA:... all commands allow also to get and check values.
3. Disabled object might become accessible if it had a trigger
and one of its receiver allowed to a hero to gain a next level.
4. If ERM script tried to redraw a map at start up, the game might crash.
5. Monster's statistic was not saved and reset properly if changed
by !!MA receiver. Saved game format was changed.
6. !!CA:B3...; It checks now for building not changing a set of
built objects.
7. flag1000 must set to AI/gamer state correctly for HL and TM trigger.
8. Add Experience blessing now works properly (add, not set).
9. Indirect object reference fixed. In AI case all receivers
that refer to currently visited object by !!NN998:... were not
worked properly.

ERM Extension: ***********************************
1. !!UN New syntax:
redraw - 1-redraw immediately (slower), 0-does not redraw (faster)
For all previous syntaxes the screen will be redrawn
the same as for I command
2. !!OW New command:
#1=owner (-1=current,0...7)
#2=key master number (0...7)
$ =visited(1) or not(0)
You can set/check/get the state.
!!OW:K3/4/1; !!OW:K3/4/?v123;
3. New command. !!MA:X#/$ - set flags to $ for monster #.
Use with BIG care
$ Bits:
0x00000001 = 1 - DOUBLE_WIDE - Takes 2 square
0x00000002 = 2 - fly (need additional animation)
0x00000004 = 4 - shooter (need additional animation)
0x00000008 = 8 - extended attack radius (2 square)
0x00000010 = 16 - alive
0x00000020 = 32 - CATAPULT (can attack walls)
0x00000040 = 64 - SIEGE_WEAPON - cannot move
0x00000080 = 128 - KING_1 (base level of Slayer Spell)
0x00000100 = 256 - KING_2 (advanced level of Slayer Spell)
0x00000200 = 512 - KING_3 (expert level of Slayer Spell)
0x00000400 = 1024 - immune to mind spell
0x00001000 = 4096 - no penalty in close combat
0x00004000 = 16384 - IMMUNE_TO_FIRE_SPELLS
0x00008000 = 32768 - shoot twice
0x00010000 = 65536 - no enemy retaliation
0x00020000 = 131072 - no moral penalty
0x00040000 = 262144 - undead
0x00080000 = 524288 - attack all enemies around
0x00100000 = 1048576 - extended radius of shooters
0x80000000 = - 2147483648 - Dragon
4. New syntax for ERM string format. %F# can be used to show an ERM
flag # value.
5. !!VR...:^$ command is changed to !!VR:X$.
6. New command !!VR$:C$1/$2/$3... up to 16 parameters
Set/check v vars.
$ - v variables that is first in sequence.
$1 - set/check a first ($) v variable
$2 - set/check a second ($+1) v variable
$3 - set/check a third ($+2) v variable
v123=23, v124=v15, i=v125, v126=y4
7. !!HT New command:
T$ - set a hint for all objects of type/subtype to z var $ (0-delete).
You can set a hint for an artifact: !!HT5/artnum:T$;
This hint will be used if only other type of hints not set.
8. You can use now % sign in ERM formatted string: "%%".
9. Set/check/get artifact enabling to appear on the map.
# - artifact number
$ - variable to set/get or check value
1-art disabled, 0-art enabled
10.Additional Dialogs (common with up to 4 pictures) and AVI/BMP big
picture can now show GIF,JPG(JPEG) files.
11.New receiver !!PM - Pyramid or any New Object.
V$ - set/check/get a "not visited" flag. 1=not visited, 0=visited
P#/$ - set/check/get a "visited by player" flag. 1=visited, 0=not
S$ - set/check/get a bonus spell (AI will get it if win in the
"Pyramid" battle).
You can use V command to "attract" AI to a New Objects (and Sphinx also).
You can set this bit and wait until AI come.
If you catch it by !!OB receiver, disable the object, reset V bit
and set P bit, you can make AI not have a battle and get spell.
So to attract AI set V flag
To free AI, reset V and set P flag.
12.!!UN New command:
V$1/$2 - get or check WoG and ERM version.
$1 - WoG version (see above)
$2 - ERM version (see above)
13.!!UN New command:
U#1/#2/$1; calculate all objects on the map
#1 = type of object
#2 = subtype of object (-1 = any)
$1 = var to store the number (only get or check syntax!)
Example: U54/i/?n; n now have a number of objects type 54 and subtype i
U#1/#2/#3/#4; get coords of object
#1 = type of object
#2 = subtype of object (-1 = any)
#3 = number of object (1...full numbers)
#4 = v var to store the coords
v[#4]=x, v[#4+1]=y, v[#4+2]=l
Example: U54/i/3/324; v324,v325 and v326 now keep coordinates of
object type 54, subtype i and number 3
All objects are calculated:
(first) left to right
(second) up to down
(third) ground to undeground

Map Editor Bug fixing: ***********************************
1. Seer's Hut in the Map Editor. Now you can edit Quest even if there
is a Supreme Archangel placed on the map.

NWC's Bug fixing: ***********************************
1. All key masters' tents are set as not visited now at a map start (NWC bug).

WoG Extension: ***********************************
1. Chance to get a bonus from Santa Gremlin (SG) after won battle:
Army HP and Hero Expo of SG owner to enemy.
if Expo(E) >= All Army HP(HP)
L is a parameter of enemy:
if Expo(E) >= All Army HP(HP)
If enemy without hero L=HP
A final parameter R=L/K
R Chance
>100% = 3%
>150% = 6%
>200% = 12%
>300% = 30%
>500% = 60%
Artifacts that can be a bonus:

Map Editor Extension: ***********************************
1. Santa Gremlin is added into Creature section.
2. Santa Gremlin's dwelling is added into All-Terrain Objects section.

HMM3.5 Team (21.12.01)

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