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Guilty Gear X Demo
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Description: Guilty Gear X Demo

One-level demo of the PS2 hit featuring the fight between Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske.

Guilty gear was released on the PS2 not too long ago, sporting graphics far beyond those even Capcom had developed up to that point as far as the 2D Fighting genre was concerned. The PC incarnation sports MUCH improved graphics over even that (you may laugh at hearing me say, '640x480,' but note that most 2D games have half that detail). A sharp attention to detail and a sense of style make this a title to compete with the likes of Capcom's Versus series. Did I mention the attention to detail in this game is AMAZING!?

And let's not forget the "Instant Kills".

I recommend using a gamepad such as the Gravis Gamepad Pro PC for this one; the keyboard controls are a bit daffy, moreso if you have an ergonomic (split/Natural) keyboard. If you don't mind not being able to understand the fight intro speech and victory comments (the rest is completely in English, but those mentioned are Japanese), this is a spectacular game that didn't quite make it stateside.

Keyboard controls:

Shift: Start/Menu
G: Left/Block
H: Forward (double tap to dash)
B: Duck (hold with G to do a low block)
Z: Heavy Kick
X: Heavy Slash
A: Light Kick
S: Light Slash
W: Taunt (in slurred Japanese, no less!)

If you enjoy this, I recommend you head off to an import store online or see if you can grab a copy from Ebay, because this isn't going to see Statewide release as far as I can tell.

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