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DivX Freeware Bundle
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This is latest version of DivX Video, formerly known as DivX Codec or DivX Player. There are a bunch of new features, fixed components, and improvements to this version that you can see in additional information.

What's new in DivX 6
DivX 6 is here and ready to revolutionize the way you play, create and share digital media.
DivX Media Format
DivX 6 introduces the DivX Media Format with advanced features including:
Interactive video menus
XSUB subtitles
Multiple audio tracks
Chapter points and more
Current DivX Certified devices will playback DivX 6 files, but will not offer full support for the advanced media features of the DivX Media Format. Devices that offer full support for the DivX Media Format are expected to reach retail shelves in late 2005.

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DivX Converter
Provides easy, one-step encoding of virtually any file to high-quality DivX video
Produces DivX media files with advanced interactive features
Requires no special knowledge of video codecs
The DivX Converter is included in the DivX Create Bundle.

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DivX Player
Features the latest DivX decoder for enhanced quality and performance
Integrates support for DivX media file playback
Incorporates enhanced HD playback capability
The DivX Player is included in both the DivX Create Bundle and DivX Play Bundle.

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DivX Codec
Offers up to 40% better quality and compression than the DivX 5 codec.
Features enhanced playback performance and quality
Adds DivX media file playback support to all popular media players

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