Preview video for the Qender mod for Max Payne

File Info: Preview video for the Qender mod for Max Payne

Preview video for the Qender mod for Max Payne
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Description: Preview video for the Qender mod for Max Payne

This is a preview mpg file which shows off some of the features about the Qender mod for Max Payne. If you want to download that mod, please go here: The Qender Practice Mod for Max Payne.

The Qender Practice Mod for Max Payne Description:

This is a 5 level "level pack" named "The Qender Mod". It starts with my first attempt to use Maxed and progresses through till the last time I used it. Which means it gets better and more interesting as it goes along. It's rather difficult near the end but anyone who beat the game should be able to play it easily. I've tried to do some new stuff that wasn't in the game and I tested how far offtrack the software could go.

I wasn't going to make a mod quite yet. I wanted to learn how first. I made a few levels following the procedures set forth in some early tutorials. I had a lot of fun playing the first level I made, so I made another one, playing on what I learned as I went on. About halfway through I decided it was worth releasing to the rest of the Max Payne community. After a short while(two weeks), I finished it and uploaded it to a website I use for something else. I put the following post on the Max Payne forum:

Well, It's done and I've just uploaded my 5 level "practice mod". It's about 88mb so I recomend you download the 17mb trailer before deciding to download it. Here's the big thing: This was not a mod I made for other people to play, I made this to learn how to use maxed. I consider it really good although it's somewhat dull on the first level and a half. By the time I't gets to the end though it's got some really cool things. However, there was NO planning whatsoever, and, unfortunatly, No story. I hope to later make a mod that does have a story, and no doubt many people will complain about the lack of story. But another purpose of this is to QUICKLY give people something fun to play.

It's no TC or anything but It's got some interesting things(all done in Maxed). hundreds of animations, a minecart ride, and a killer robot. It gets pretty difficult(especially near the end) but if your good enough it's a lot of fun.

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