Ski Resort Tycoon Patch #4

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Ski Resort Tycoon Patch #4
Also known as:
Ski Resort Tycoon: Deep Powder
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Description: Ski Resort Tycoon Patch #4

This is a nice patch that updates your Tycoon title that allows you to build custom and popular ski resorts. See additional information for the update history.

Update 1 includes the following:
-Several performance improvements in game logic, and over 3 times as
fast in low detail software mode.
-Avalanches and selectable fog in perspective mode enabled.
-Some graphic interface clean-ups.
-An assortment of minor bugs fixed.

Update 2 includes the following:
-Smooth mouse cursor!
-Hot keys for main dialogs.
-Hold down the 'H' key to hide buildings when placing paths.
-Autofocus on the avalanches is now selectable.
-Loaded Gondola cars no longer dissappear.
-Several other misc fixes or small features.

Update 3 includes the following:
-Dramatically reduced memory requirements.
-Better memory detection on Win2k.
-Hot keys for main dialogs no longer active when using text fields.

Update 4 includes the following:
-Reduced game load times.
-Fewer mouse glitches, and back door to override new mouse.

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