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Dedicated to all of those who still think of Aeris days, weeks, or even months after beating the game. This is a music video made from the song "Thank You" by Dido and cutscenes from Final Fantasy

Intro: Spoiler Alert

Dedicated to all of those who still think of Aeris days, weeks, or even months after beating the game. In my opinion she is the most memorable character in the entire FF series. If you haven't played the game Aeris was an ancient which meant that undoubtably she knew that:
1. Sephiroth had signed his own death warrant since any attempts he made to stop her would be met with Cloud's revenge.
2. The world was going to be saved.
3. In order to preserve the above it would cost Aeris her life.

Like anyone whose days can be numbered with a single digit she planned to make the most of her time. Sure, she could have ran away and his in the forest to avoid her unfortunate day, but she didn't because she knew it was her destiny. You'll notice that during that one cut scene when Sephiroth dishonorfully stabbed her in the back, she didn't have a look of regret or remorse on her face. And you'll also notice that as she slid off of Sephiroth's sword he tightened his grip as to avoid soiling his sword on the ground. It is that moment where cloud gazes helplessly upon his fallen companion that unspoken words were exchanged. We all know Aeris dies, but few of us realize that she died with the exciting memories of her date with cloud freshly in her mind. It is this dramatic moment during the game that created the motivation to spend many hours working on this music video. Although this video won't be a hit for those who love fast pace movies with heart pounding music, I'm certain that anyone who felt anything when the innocent flower girl was murdered will enjoy this video. So without further rambling, I present to the Final Fantasy
community a final message from Aeris.

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