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Red Faction v1.10 Patch
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Description: Red Faction v1.10 Patch

Here is the file to patch your Red Faction game to version 1.10. See more info for all the details on what's included.

1.10 version changes:
* Made changes to require fewer hard drive accesses during gameplay.
* Fixed data-mismatch problem when joining a multiplayer server that gave
the "Data does not match" error message.
* Fixed instances where a multiplayer server would crash when kicking a
* Fixed railgun trajectory visual to no longer deflect off some walls.
* Fixed crash from clicking on scroll bar in multiplayer map list.
* Fixed misplaced dedicated server/password icons on Servers screen when
using 1280 resolution.
* Fixed selection problem when changing Filter on Servers screen.
* Fixed server list to properly identify servers running mods
* Fixed console closing problem. Only need to hit "~" once now.
* Fixed crash instances caused by hitting both "Shift" keys simultaneously.
* L14S3 endgame screen text now displays properly in 800x600.
* Railgun will properly fire through multiple targets.
* Removed delay in picking up dropped weapons in multiplayer.
* First-person arms on "Scientist Parker" and "Ultor Scientist" now match
models in multiplayer.
* Zooming in with scoped weapons now displays scope if first person weapons
are turned off.
* Disabled "Shift-Esc" to quit out of game.
* Dedicated server now skips over any missing maps found in map lists.
* Disabled save games during the bomb defuse screen.
* RED levels now work when you install the game to a directory path with
spaces in it.
* Fixed crash with the RED running out of VRAM when desktop is at very high
* Changed RED to favor the updated CHM help file, if it exists.
* Removed unused flags from RED's Light Properties dialog.
* RED can now import V3D files as mesh brushes. Requires V3D exporter for
3ds Max found in the RFToolkit.

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