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Sub Command Patch v1.08

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Sub Command Patch v1.08
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Description: Sub Command Patch v1.08

Here is the cumulative v1.08 build for Sub Command that hosts a ton of fixes, features, and changes. This update will patch any previous version.

Sub Command Update Build 108
(This setup will update any previous version of Sub Command to 1.08)

Double-click(Run) the self-extracting patch executable.
Verify and correct the extract path if it is not correct.
Click the Unzip button.

Modifications for Build 108
- subcommand.exe (version
Sub Command should display Version 108 on splash screen
- SonarBB.dll (version

- Sound: Improved support for non-3D hardware accelerated sound cards
- Sound: Fixed extra loud "ping"
- Broadband: Fixed clicking sound cheat
- Broadband: Background noise versus contact strength corrected

Modifications for Build 107
- subcommand.exe (version
Sub Command should display Version 107 on splash screen
- AppTextE.DLL
- NavalSimEngine.dll (version
- TMA.dll (version
- SonarBB.dll (version
- FCTD.dll (version
- FCLP.dll (ssn21 only) (version

- Broadband: Fixed crash if a tracker was assigned to the Hull array in
Narrowband and then the user switched to Broadband on subs without Hull array
(ssn21, 688i).

- Sound: Cleaned up various sound card related issues
- Sound: Fixed the platform sound distortion that occurred when panning around
a hooked platform in the 3D window.
- Sound: The Options/Sound screen now displays an error message if Sub Command
detects the absence of hardware 3D sound support in the sound card.
One of two messages may display if there is a problem with the hardware 3D
sound support
1) "Attempt to detect 3D Hardware Sound Buffers failed."
2) "Attempt to support 3D Sound in hardware failed."
If either message appears, the problem may be the sound card does not have
support for hardware-only 3D sound.
If the sound card does have hardware 3D sound support, then verify that the
sound card drivers are up to date.
Sub Command will default to software-only 3D sound in either case and
overall game performance may degrade as a result.

- Fire Control: Fixed UUV not correctly using OS Depth preset
- Fire Control: Fixed Narrow/Wide preset issue

- TMA: Tracking multiple TMA contacts can be accomplished by pressing the
"Enter Solution" button before selecting another track from the contact list
box. If you leave the TMA screen, current tracking data for the displayed
contact will be available when the TMA screen is revisited.
- TMA: Fixed crash that involved this screen and usually TMA autocrew being

- Mission Editor: Wrong entities were being given the Sonobouy tactic
(Bear J vs. Bear F bug)

- Game: Fixed crash that pertains to missions containing aircraft with set
launch times.
- Game: Towed array now deploys correctly at start of mission based on scenario
- Game: Show Linked 3D land objects melting into landscape bug fixed
- Game: Added a keyboard shortcut to center the Rudder. The default key is:
<'> (single quote character).
It can be reassigned in the Options screen.

- Database: increased max depth of 65 cm torpedo to 1000 ft

- AI: Firing missiles now provokes better response from AI units
- AI: Torpedo evasion for AI platforms is improved
- AI: Contact mines/Influence mines now behave correctly

- Sonar: background noise for masts corrected

- Replay: Added the ability to save a replay to a different filename
To activate this feature open the "subcommand.ini" file and change the line:
.SaveReplay No
.SaveReplay Yes
In order to view the saved replay files, the user must download the
"ReplayViewer.exe" from the Sonalysts website.

Special Thanks
Sonalysts and the entire Sub Command team would like to thank the Sea Wolves
and other fans of Sub Command who participated in the testing of this patch.
The feedback we received, via the forums and direct emails, concerning Sub
Command has been invaluable in helping us create a better product for

Modification History

- Build 105
- subcommand.exe is now
NavalSimEngine.dll is now
All interface DLLs are now at least
Sub Command should display Version 105 on splash screen
- Passive Torpedoes homing fixed
- Countermeasure effectiveness improved - torpedoes must reacquire
targets after being decoyed by CMs
- Ping sound relative to distance - added .ini entry for max ping volume
- Voice report corrected for 180 degree turns
- Master lockout of multiplay options added
- Weapon firings now use a reduced percentage of compressed air
- Strengthened active returns
- Some incorrect blade counts corrected
- Sonar DDI shows Master (M) sonar contacts
- Torpedo lead angle corrected for homing torpedoes
- Narrowband filter toggle added to the Narrowband Sonar screen which
toggles the auto classification filter on/off
- Sound issues corrected - all explosions & implosions can he heard,
3D screen sound bug fixed
- Periscope flickering fixed - high sea state 3D flicker fixed
- Periscope view bug fixed - ships/subs can no longer be viewed clearly
underwater through the periscope
- 688 weapon loadout changed to 38 total weapons
(4 tubes, 12 VLS, 22 in racks)
- Sub deceleration corrected - sub will not abruptly stop when ordered
to 0 knots
- Torpedo enable speeds fixed - torpedo will shift to high speed at
active sonar enable point
- Engine noise made relative to speed
- Sonar Autocrew marks active intercept contacts
- Torpedoes' collisions with ice keels fixed - torpedoes can now collide
with all ice keels and ice bergs
- Torpedo floor and ceiling operation corrected - floor and ceiling presets
are fully functional
- Countermeasure cones removed from fire control display
- Mission debrief results output to text file (debrief.txt) - file is
- C/M reload times corrected - reload time now is approximately 90 seconds
- Self-noise improperly affecting towed array corrected
- Failed missiles detonating on ocean floor corrected - missiles launched
outside of depth and/or speed limits will sink but not detonate
- Torpedo floor and ceiling preset limits applied to preenable run phase
- UUV range corrected - UUVs will operate for approximately 30 minutes
- Corrected goal logic in the MissileTest missions of the 688 and Seawolf
- Added ability to use animated water with an ATI Radeon card
(Use "-ATIFixed" command line arg)
NOTE: This fix has been tested with the following beta driver:
ATI Product version: 7.55-010523b-546E-ATI
ATI Driver: 4.13.7115
The driver update file is 98me-755-010523b.exe
**Sonalysts and Electronic Arts make no guarantee as to the
stability of Sub Command or any other product while using beta
drivers; use at your own risk.

- Using passworded missions in Multiplayer is fixed
- Allow players to designate a different network adapter than the default
To support this capability a new key was added to the INI file called
The default value in the INI after you run the updated Sub Command will
.AdapterName "default"
A file is also created called "adapters.txt", which lists all the
network adapters made available to Sub Command for the chosen protocol.
"adapter.txt" file should be used to help determine the correct value to
"default" in the INI file.
When the INI key contains the value "default", Sub Command will pick the

first adapter in the list generated by DirectX. To use a different network

adapter, close the game, open "adapters.txt" in the root installation
(typically c:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Sub Command), copy the name of
desired adapter into the INI file and then re-run Sub Command. The new
will be used. This adapter will always be used as long as the name matches
the INI file is not removed.
Sub Command will perform partial matches on the adapter name for users
have an ISP that uses dynamic addressing. In the adapters.txt file, the
to the ISP might be "PPP Adapter -" one time and the next it
be "PPP Adapter -". If this is the case, then change the INI
key to
have only part of the adaptername.
For instance:
.AdapterName "PPP Adapter"
It should be noted that if you have two adapters that have similar product
names such that the
adapters.txt file contains the lines:
XYZcard modem -
XYZcard NIC -
if the INI key has the value
.AdapterName "XYZcard"
then the last adapter in the list will be used. It is suggested that
enough of the adaptername
should be used to make it unique from other adapters in your system.
Such as:
.AdapterName "XYZcard modem"

- Enhanced command line support
-host.................. Host a Multiplayer game in TCP using adapter
specified in INI
-join {IP address}..... Join a game hosted at the supplied address
-connect {IP address}.. same as -join
-name {playername} .... use supplied playername during game
for names with spaces use quotes
(ex: -name "Player Name")
-n {playername}........ same as -name

- Build 104 - not released to the public
- Build 103 - not released to the public
- Build 102 - not released to the public

- Build 101
- subcommand.exe and NavalSimEngine.dll are now
Sub Command should display Version 101 on splash screen

- Multiplayer language compatibility

- Active Intercept

- Database source levels including the Freighter class

- Explosions

- Loadouts of inflight aircraft in Mission Editor

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