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This is the Uplink Half-Life Demo in a small version. Many files that owners of the game already have were removed so it would be a quicker download. This compilation was not made by Valve Software or supported by them.

Half-Life Uplink Demo Lite (by Morpheus)
What is this? : the single player levels ripped from the Half-life
demo (including the scripting).

Why? : to save low-bandwidth connections from downloading
a 48 MB file. Many people loved Half-Life Single player,
and the demo has new levels straight from Valve software.

Requirements : the full version of Half-Life, at least build 1.008.
It may work for earlier versions, but I haven't tested.

Installation : In Half-Life's "valve" sub-directory, move the contents
extracted from the uplink_lite.exe to the
appropriate folders (e.g the contents of the map folder go
to "half-life\valve\maps" w\o the qoutes).
After the files are in place, run hl.exe with the
"-console" variable, as in: "hl.exe -console". This,
of course, enables the console. Go to the console and type
in "map hldemo1". Play away!

**IMPORTANT** : If you wish to go back to playing the retail levels,
be sure to delete the sentances.txt in the sounds folder and
the Titles.txt in the valve directory. Why? These are
script for speech and events for the levels
in the hl demo, and are slightly different than the retail
version. Playing the retail version's levels with the demo's
scripting may have odd side effects. Note that these text
files will *NOT* over-write the originals: HL is set up to look
at these files before the one's built in the 288 MB pak0.pak

Uplink Lite by Jason Stephens.

Email Address: [email protected]
Visit my crappy crappy homepage at: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Labyrinth/7387/

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