Black Mesa Storage Facility - Bay A2

File Info: Black Mesa Storage Facility - Bay A2

Black Mesa Storage Facility - Bay A2
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Description: Black Mesa Storage Facility - Bay A2

A very dark and difficult map...


Title : Black Mesa Storage Facility - Bay A2
Filename : storage.bsp
Author : Stealth
E-mail : [email protected]
Description : The location is the Black Mesa Storage
Facility - Bay A2, after hours. It's late
at night and in the distance you can
hear the Black Mesa anouncements for
night shift. Your hiding spot has been
located and as usual they send in the best
they have and lock the doors......
Good luck!

Special Thanks to : "Dave" for helping test the map.
: "Dave Waters" for the Truck,
[email protected]
: "Revolver" for the Sea Containers,
[email protected]
: "Valve" for an awesome game


Play Information

New Sounds : No
New Graphics : As per special thanks above
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None



Original idea : A tense Death Match 1 on 1
Editor used : Worldcraft v2.0
Machine : PII 400, 64Mb RAM, Voodoo2

Known Bugs : Don't expect to play this on a slow
machine and win, multi play is acceptable
on a P200 + Voodoo1 but for single play
you may wish you'd bought a PII (sorry).
Even though the map is quite small
(floor area) there are a heap of objects
that make it more life like, and
and unfortunately slower, especially
breakable boxes.

: You may get locked in the truck, if it
happens, there is a crow bar and an
explosives crate. You can play
"how many times can I hit this and live"

Build Time : 6 days on and off.



To play this level, extract the file "storage.bsp" into
your ..\half-life\valve\maps directory.

NOTE: for single play you need to have the switch "-console" in your
command line, then a console button will appear on the intro screen.
Hit this button and type "map storage"



General : One word, "crawl" .If you walk, you make
noise, plus your head is visible to opponents,
grunts or the sniper. This level has been
designed to let the opponent know where you
are by listening to your movements, the steel
cat walks, the squeeky doors on the truck,
the drums that make a noise when you bump
into them, the ladders, the med kit etc,
so remember be quiet and listen for your

: Don't worry about the RPG, the shotgun or
anything in the two sealed rooms, note key
word "sealed".

: Keep away from the explosives crates, they
are low impact but if one goes off, they all

: The thin side of the shelves can be climbed like
a ladder.

Multi Player : Don't stay still, this level is dark enough
to creep up on someone without them knowing,
use that ability to your advantage or you'll
have a crowbar in the back of the head.

: Lock people in the truck if you can,
you won't get a kill but they'll lose one
when they have to blow themselves up to get
out (this is more for personal enjoyment
than frags).

Single Player : Walk Through, a way to win.

- when you spawn, move left (crawl)
over to the window and break the crate,
inside is the 9mm machine gun. go around to
the front of the container with the light, go
inside and get the extra ammo. Now go behind
the containers, until you reach the vending
machine. Pop the guy in the middle of the
room, then the one behind him way over in the
corner behind the rear of the truck (if you
can). Now "run" (like your life depends on it)
into the middle of the room and get the grenades
off the table, be prepared for hand grenades
and sniper shots from behind. Now go back
around to the front of the locked container
(facing the same way as the one with the ammo)
and shoot the explosives box in the corner
behind the truck. Pop the Grunt on the
catwalk directly in front of the truck then
use the grenades to kill the sniper, Who stands
on the cat walk, direcly above the small
table that had the grenades on it.

Climb up onto the roof of the room
with the light and scientist inside and get
more ammo (watch for shots from the last guy
on the catwalk near the blue glowing room).
Jump up onto the pipe and run over to the
top of the containers then onto the catwalk.
From here you should be able to get the last
guy on the catwalk. Crawl along the catwalk,
pick up the grenades and throw two behind the
fragile box you can see below the catwalk and
next to the front of the Truck, killing both
the guys behind there and the job is done.

simple as that!


Copyright & Permissions

This level may be distributed as long as it is supplied in a zip
file called


The Zip file must contain 2 files

STORAGE.BSP (the map)
STORAGE.TXT (this text document)

If the level is to be included on any profit-making medium,
permission must first be given by me.

Although not likely, I reserve the right to refuse permission
for this level to be distributed via any profit-making medium.

(c) Copyright 1998 "STEALTH" for "Virtual Light"

[email protected]


If you have comments or questions let me know.

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