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Throne of Darkness Patch v1.2.18

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File Info: Throne of Darkness Patch v1.2.18

Throne of Darkness Patch v1.2.18
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Description: Throne of Darkness Patch v1.2.18

This v1.2.18 patch adds a bunch of great fixes and additions to your ancient Japan RPG.

Fixes in 1.2.18
The "@" key works when using the UK keyboard layout.
Games served from behind a firewall do not need to set the "LocalIPAddress" variable; this variable is no longer used. However, the server port (default: 63078) must still be opened.
Fixed the case where the entire clan was (infrequently) teleported back to the shrine room even though not all samurai were dead.
Having health leech and reflection at the same time no longer prevent the samurai from dying.
If a samurai's vitality has been modified, health points are no longer increased when the game is reloaded.
In a dedicated server, the monsters' difficulty level is increased in each wilderness; this behavior is now consistent with non-dedicated servers.
Starting a new game, saving, then quick loading, no longer causes a blank screen.
The spell list is now updated when commander is switched in Daimyo interface.
Quest notification button does not come up if quest window is already open.
Shift+Tab moves to the previous text entry field.
Game does not crash when playing Online if the DB server is unavailable.
New Features in 1.2.18
Added tooltips to show the names of enemy samurai in Multiplayer and Online games. The names are shown using samurai's clan color and are displayed only when tooltips are enabled ("ALT" key).
The Click Logo can now be interrupted (with mouse or space bar).
A new weapon (Chil-ji-do) has been added.
Moved the 'Level Up' notification button so it doesn't overlap 'Page 1' button in the teleport interface
Enhanced key binding; bindings may be changed to almost any key. Existing key bindings, if different than the defaults, are not valid. See the 'bind' section of Config\Throne.cfg.

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